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"Prince took his time crossing-over," said Celebrity Psychic Thomas John.


When the world heard the unexpected news that Prince had passed, the shock and sadness could not be contained. However, celebrity psychic Thomas John experienced one more reaction to the news, unlike most of us -- the feeling that Prince remained in limbo between the spirit world and our world for a few days prior to actually crossing-over.


“I wasn’t alone in my feeling,” Thomas John explained to me as we discussed Prince’s departure a bit further.  “Another one of my associates experienced the same reaction.”


No doubt, Thomas John has made a name and highly successful career out of like responses and an ability to communicate with spirits who continue to have just as much to say in their after lives as they did while still alive. His parents discovered his gift when Thomas was four years-old and he’s been communicating with the dead ever since, and in certain circumstance, not just any ‘dearly departed’ but those of such well-known names as Courtney Cox, Jennifer Lopez, Jenny McCarthy, Julianne Moore, Goldie Hawn, Sam Smith, Adam Lambert, Janet Jackson and more.


Called “the psychic with the highest batting average”, Thomas currently splits his time between New York and Los Angeles where he straddles two dimensions, writes books, and grows his coffee and candle businesses.  His most recent penned accomplishment "Never Argue With A Dead Person" explains what it is like to be him while sharing fifteen ‘real life’ accounts of the work he continues to do.


Truthfully, as I was widowed early on in my life, I understand all of the interest in communicating with loved ones who are no longer with us.  I also understand all of the controversy surrounding the topic as well as those who cross conventional boundaries.  I believe, each of us has to make our own choice on the matter, including me.


That said, what I need no convincing of is how incredibly interesting, truly personable psychic-medium Thomas John is, nor how exciting his interview also is below.  See for yourself by reading it. And don’t be surprised if you walk away feeling suddenly compelled to reach out to your ‘departed’ yet still favorite  Aunt Mabel with a question or two once you do. Just know, she may have a few for you as well, given you do.  


What is your personal mantra?

“My joy and happiness is not negotiable.”  You have to be your own priority before other people can benefit from you.  


Explain the difference between being a clairvoyant and a medium.

A medium is someone who speaks to people who have passed-over.  A clairvoyant is someone who sees things about a person and uses that to guide someone into his/her future.  They connect with an aura around a person.  A clairvoyant is not about dead people.


You seem to be both and this began quite young, initially, with regards to your deceased grandfather. Explain how that first encounter occurred.

I was born with this gift and began to share it as I was older.  My parents told me that, when I was very young, I began talking about people that were in the room that were not there.  My grandfather would come to me regularly and I would tell my parents about it.


Is there a specific process that occurs each time a spirit communicates through you?  Share.

It comes to me in all different way.  It depends on how the spirits feel they can get their messages through.  I can see things, feel things, hear is all different.


How do the spirits know to gather together to speak with a loved one?

What I’ve come to gather is that the spirits become aware based on the energy of 'love' which draws them to the vibe that you want to connect with them.  Their is soul recognition between the spirits and the live person.  It is an honor for them to come through.  They want to come forward.


Can you ever turn it off?

Yes, to an extent.  I have to be really focused on my intuition and the person I am reading to actually connect, normally. 


Have spirits explained the ‘spirit world’ to you beyond just using you as a conduit?  For instance, are some spirits recycled while others stay put?  Do they tell you if there is a God?

I have had spirits come through and talk about their process over there.  They talk about preparation to recarnate.  I have been told that there is a higher vibration.  It is not like a 'person' per se, but an energy.  Many spirits have told me that they go through a ‘life review’ from birth to death.  Also, they explain that the judgement and evaluation you undergo is self-induced, meanig "you" judge and evaluate yourself.  You are the jury.


Do you believe everyone has the ability to speak with spirits?  Most just aren’t ‘tapped in.’

I think everyone has a connection to them.  I don’t think everyone can speak to other people’s dead people. I believe there are varying levels of connection.  


What is the biggest misconception about you?  About the spirit world and/or ‘life after death?’

That I know everything about everyone all the time.  I don’t.  I don’t know the answer to every question.  Regarding the spirit world, that the spirit world is “far away.”  That is not is just another dimension walking alongside us.  


Talk about the book  "Never Argue With A Dead Person". Why did you feel compelled to write it? What do you hope readers gain from it?

I wanted to write a book to really help people understand what it is like to be in my shoes.  I also wanted to write it to share some of the stories that are very universal -- stories that can help everyone. 


You work with many celebrities.  Is there a spirit hounding you to deliver a message to a particular celebrity you don’t work with?

Yes. The day that Prince died, I was on my way to Minnesota.  I felt that he did not cross over to the spirit world right away.  He stayed in limbo for a few days before crossing over.  Also, I have been having a lot of dreams over the last six months from politicians who have passed away, including Ronald Reagan and Lincoln.  They keep warning me and preparing me that our country is on the brink of something terrible -- a lot of problems.  


Explain what coffee and candles have to do with it?

I do an event called "Dinner with the Dead".  We have a five course meal and I give messages from spirits to attendees.  We have coffee and dessert at the end, which is where my coffee line and candle line comes from.  


Share a social cause or cause-based organization that is close to your heart.

I just recently donated proceeds to True Colors Fund -- Cyndi Lauper’s social good organization.  I’d like to expand further into this area.  I’m looking for causes to participate in.


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

As somebody who helped people.  


Having recently spoken with a very reputable gentleman and friend about his experience communicating with his own ‘deceased’ in a similar manner to what Thomas John offers, I have to say that the peace, understanding, and clarity my friend enjoys now has brought a world of good to each day. There is great comfort in believing that death is just another state of being as opposed to a ‘the final frightening end’ to the only thing we have ever known since the moment we were born -- life.  


Thomas John sheds light where it is needed.  He’s a help where others can not be.  No harm in keeping your minds open...right?  Especially, since, you never know when death’s gonna come knockin on your door.  You may want to keep all options open when it comes to continuing to communicate with those left behind.  Thomas may, someday, be your only hope! 


Many thanks to Thomas John and Shore Fire Media for making this interview possible



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