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Vice President Mike Pence...Brain Damaged?


Bobby Azarian recently shared commentary in The Raw Story specific to a study published in the journal Neuropsychologia linking brain damage to religious fundamentalism.  Guess who The Raw Story used as the poster child for this piece. 


Yup. Vice President Mike Pence was this organization's ‘go to’ guy to once again prove just how silly and now brain damaged the faith-filled are across this nation.  Science says so.


But what of history, specifically the Romans and the Greeks, whose one-time empires became crushed under the weight of their own egos, the very same egos displayed through this extremely self-serving, short-sighted article?  Isn’t the ‘fundamentalism’ exhibited identical to that which is being disparaged minus the religious element? And equally similar to the cries for impeachment arising from those disgusted by the current political administration?  Must all these people be brain damaged? According to the noted logic...Yes!


To assume that the practice of science in its infancy is all-knowing and capable of deciphering every one of the possibilities man lives amongst today is naive and somewhat vain.  Where history has been around for ages, science is fairly new.  It has a way to go to unlock the mysteries of life, here on earth and beyond, accurately.


What’s also new is the blatant disrespect faith-filled individuals must contend with when it comes to living life according to very personal choices they have made. The problem is becoming so monumental that it feels like the acronym LGBTIQA+ needs another letter LGBTIQAR+ (R = religious).


The divisive nature of opinions and articles like these weakens us as a nation and opens the door to our own demise.  We are being buried by our own rhetoric, chiseling a tombstone that will eventually say “Never say never.”


How about we all “agree to disagree” regarding faith - the flavor and the application - for the sake of our continued existence together.  Allow God and science to work it out between them while we dedicate our efforts to building a stronger, more respectful nation (another “R" word we need to re-adopt into our daily living).


Better we refrain from wasting valuable square footage on inflammatory, detrimental commentary that serves to replace actual objective news.  I’m over it and I can only assume that a good chunk of this nation feels the same.  It’s 2019.  Why not start out on the right foot?


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