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Photo Credit: Jennifer Roper

Brandy Black Is Pure Proof That "Global Warming" Exists



Brandy Black is on a mission and it is a very good one.  Her mission is to highlight the expanded definition of the word “family” and, in that, create a support system where all families can converse, lean on each other, and become more effective parents.  


The Next Family is the embodiment of this goal. Brandy sits as Editor and Founder, where she combines the voices of eighty contributing writers to give shape to this enlightened ezine.  Topics address the needs of every type of parent to-date, including single, adoptive, foster, LGBT, urban dwellers and more.  Brandy launched The Next Family after she became pregnant with her daughter following a three-year-long period of infertility.


Today, Brandy and her wife, Susan Howard, are the proud parents of three lucky and extremely loved children. It’s a marriage and relationship that speaks of strength, respect, support, love, and immense humor.  All you need do is sample "The Next Family" Youtube channel to realize this. One or two videos later and you will be hooked, as the exchanges between Brandy and Susan are both comical and meaningful all at the same time. Obviously, the twelve years they have been married hasn’t impacted the chemistry between these two women any, except maybe for the better (if that can be imagined).  Nor slowed either of them down in achieving any of their personal or professional aspirations.


Admittedly, Brandy shared with me that it was Susan who helped her to accept herself and “come out” to her parents. In embracing that change in her life, Brandy laid a happy, fulfilling path which she is now helping others walk in their own unique ways. Brandy is also using her vast insight to help companies find more proper footing in effectively addressing all moms.


“It is important that we accept everyone. That each of us lives in the present and embraces change.”


Brandy’s conviction in this regard is solid and genuine.  When she’s not keeping up with her kids, her wife or her work, Brandy spends countless hours contributing her heart and hands to the vital efforts put forth by the Family Equality Council and the Human Rights Campaign. A passionate advocate for equality as well as increased understanding and acceptance, Brandy uses her upbeat attitude and tireless demeanor to bring about critical change.   


“I love what I do,” she states.  


Ironically, Brandy blames Bill Nye “The Science Guy” for remaining true to herself and her mission.  A big fan of the show, Brandy revisited a moment with me when she heard Bill Nye emphasize the importance of doing what “you love in life.”  He continued on by explaining how “work” will never feel like work “if you do.”  Brandy never forgot that.    

Who knew Bill Nye could be so profound past his scientific intellect.  What an incredible example of the impact a great role model can have on the lives of others -- and the ripple effect that can occur as a result.  In this case, she goes by the name of Brandy Black, a woman who is proof that “global warming” exists.  She’s at the center of it with families.


Check out and subscribe to "The Next Family' Youtube channel  



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