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Battered Hope

How Carol Graham Can Help This Nation Re-Learn ‘Hope’ and ‘Resilience’


I have a monumental concern, of late, brought on by the current social-emotional climate seizing the United States.  My concern is this..."I wonder if we haven’t robbed our kids of pertinent fundamentals, specifically hope and resilience, as a result of the fast-paced, increasingly complicated life we’ve endured over the last thirty or so years?  


I say this because it just doesn’t seem like our nation is reflecting an ability to “bounce back” as a whole as a result of the outcome of the recent Presidential election.  There is a hopelessness that seems to be fueling an uncontrollable outrage, which is impeding our resilience and preventing any positive traction from taking hold in whatever direction it has an opportunity to do so.  As a result, no one is benefitting.  All we do is keep fighting and heightening the ever-deafening noise around us, drowning out any real resolution, whatsoever.


How we solve this, I have a few of my own ideas.  But I think an even better resource to look to would be,

Carol Graham.  This blogger, podcaster, award-winning author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, mom and grandma understands the true meanings of hope and resilience as she’s survived cancer, rape, marital abuse, jail, loss of child and financial ruin and she’s using all of her experiences to teach hope and resilience to others.  If she does not have an answer, I fear, no one will.  We may have to query her further, with regards, following her interview, below.  I will let you decide.


What is your full name?  

Carol Graham


What is your personal mantra?

I have two that are equally important to me:  “Do it Right – Do it Now” and “Never Ever Give Up Hope”.


Tell us about your life, including where you live, number of children and anything else you would like to share.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, have two children, five grandchildren and have been self-employed for most of my life.  I have survived the challenges of major illnesses, devastating personal losses and financial ruin more than once, yet refused to become a victim.  My goal is to share with others how to survive and thrive above any negativity.


Do you believe you have a “life’s purpose?”  If so, share it. 

For as long as I can remember I have been an ‘encourager’.  As young as three years old, I encouraged my parents and had the ability to make people laugh.  After living a traumatic life, my attitude never changed but showed people that no matter how tough life gets, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.


Finish this sentence, “The best part about being a mom is_________?”

Loving my children. (This could easily be an epistle so it is difficult to put it into a word or two)


What is the name of your blog?  When was it launched?  

Battered Hope was launched in 2013 and is named after my memoir, Battered Hope.  My second blog is

Never Ever Give Up Hope launched in 2015 from my podcast of the same name.                  


What is the primary focus of your blog and what do you hope to accomplish through it?  

My lifestyle blog entitled Battered Hope is where I share laughter, inspiration, and encouraging true stories with anyone who has been put through the wringer of life.  As a certified health coach, I also share vital information on health issues.  My second blog is Never Ever Give Up Hope, where I interview ordinary people with extraordinary stories.  What I accomplish with both blogs is offering encouragement to everyone who experiences times of feeling hopeless or in need of a laugh.  My message is that “if others have made it through, so can you.”


List any awards you have won.  

I received the Woman of Impact Award for my book and podcast and was named Author of the Year by Focus on Women.  I have won numerous awards for article submissions to online magazines and have been published in six anthologies.  


Do you blog for other blogs or sites?

I contribute to numerous blogging sites including Mogul, Women of Midlife, Woman’s World, Heart to name a few.  I am a monthly contributor to Book Fun Magazine and also have a monthly column entitled Matters of the Heart – Pay Hope Forward.


Which social media outlet do you find most useful?  

All of them, including Google+.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to those who may be interested in beginning a blog?  

Find your niche and do your homework.  There is a lot of valid information available regarding making your blog appealing and compelling.


Are you an entrepreneur or professional beyond your blog (and outside of being a mom)?  Please share.  

I am a certified health coach and Symptomologist (someone who determines what your symptoms are indicating regarding your health).  In addition, and with my husband, we own two high-end jewelry stores, where we design and custom-make gold jewelry that are one-of-a-kind pieces.  I also have a bi-weekly podcast, where I share incredible true-life stories.  I believe that 'sleep' is a waste of time and prefer to keep busy.


Do you support – either formally or informally – a particular social cause?

I have been actively rescuing abused dogs for years and have kept over thirty of them.  My daughter does as well and, between us, we currently have eight rescues.


When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as someone who always went the second mile.  Someone who never backed down from a fight to bring justice and resolution but also someone who gave of herself to help others in every situation.  


Now do you understand why I think Carol Graham would be a perfect person to share a few pointers on how to infuse hope and resilience back into this nation?  The lady could teach a course on it, in my opinion.  And the more you get to know her, the more, I believe, you will agree with me.  Read her.  Listen to her.  Learn from her, folks.  There is a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom in every word.  


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