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Why Carolina Hernandez, a Colombian Immigrant, is voting for Donald Trump!


When I met Carolina, a stranger, we were both with our families at a local park enjoying a crisp Sunday afternoon.  An exchange of greetings led to an unexpected conversation fueled by the cap worn prominently on Carolina’s head.  It read “Make America Great Again.”


Needless-to-say, my inquisitive nature got the best of me as did my realization that Carolina’s first language was actually Spanish. Amazed by the notion that this Trump supporter was also an immigrant, I became consumed with wanting to know more about Carolina and her reasons for siding with Trump in this race for President. Without any hesitation at all, Carolina explained.


She shared her many concerns with regards to the future of this nation as well as the anger she felt towards so many other immigrants who failed to come to this country in the manner she chose to -- legally.  Having arrived to the United States with high hopes, Carolina now questions whether her small children will actually be better off at all.  No doubt, she joins numerous additional Donald Trump supporters in her concern.  


With some devaluing Donald Trump’s run for President as being nothing more than a means to get this country thinking and moving again, Carolina rebuked such hollow thought and stressed the importance of continuing that motion.  She also emphasized the importance of electing a President that won’t lie down in the face of some of this nation’s toughest issues and challenges.  


An American first, Carolina has committed to putting "America" first in order to get what she originally came here for.  It’s an interview that widened my eyes to the deep resentment many legal immigrants feel towards non-legal immigrants. It will widen yours too...whether or not you are also a Trump supporter!


Share your name:  

Carolina Hernández


Share your current personal and professional background, including marital status, children, work:  

Marital Status:  married,

Children:  2 children (3 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl)

Work:  I've been a registered nurse for 10 years, but for the last three years, I've chosen to be a stay-at-home mom.  Enjoying my children's laughs and progress and helping them assert their independence is more gratifying than excelling in my field of work, as I'm investing in the future of those I love the most.


Share the name of the country in which you immigrated from:  



Why did you choose to come to the United States?  

In Colombia, when you apply for college, you apply to the specific program in the University, and if you change your mind, you have to start from zero in your new program, unless the same classes are required.  There is no required liberal arts education as it is expected that those studies are completed in high school.  Not knowing what field of study to pursue and having obtained an athletic scholarship in soccer to a division II school, I ventured to the United States hoping to obtain a degree to use back in Colombia.  Life had a different plan and even though I miss my country of birth, I do appreciate the opportunities this country has given me and for that, I've embraced it wholeheartedly, and by now, I've lived here half of my life.


You are now a legal citizen of the United States.  How difficult was the process to become legal?  How long did it take?  

This is an extensive process that requires years of filing paperwork, paying fees, interviewing, and lots of patience.  I wouldn't describe it as difficult as I will not complain about a fair process that has allowed me to be part of this country.  Everything worth achieving requires effort and patience.


When I met you, you were wearing a cap with the phrase "Make America Great Again" embroidered on it.  What does that statement mean to you?  Where has the United States fallen down?  Failed you?  

To me, the phrase "Make America Great Again" means "to restore the proud America who leads the world -- who maximizes not only its economic but also it's human potential."  Economically, let's bring back well-paid manufacturing jobs and restore the pride of being self sufficient as well as the notion that 'dependency' is only a temporary state of being. Get rid of the politically correct culture which has actually harmed 'freedom of speech' enough.  


There is so much that is now upside down.  The United States has fallen down in being proud of itself and caring for itself.  Visualize the country as a human.  As a person, would you prevail when you highlight your flaws, refuse to be proud of your accomplishments, twist them into failures, and place everybody's well being over yours?   No, you would weaken and perish.  This seems to be the current situation -- where the PC culture places the needs of other's before your own needs.


The statement "the country has failed me" is the selfish mentality that has led it down the wrong path; I'd rather answer that the President and Congress has failed my children's generation by watering down academia, weakening the economy, doubling our international debt in the last 7 years, and not protecting our culture, our borders, and our safety.


Share your biggest concern impacting the nation today and explain. 

The biggest concern impacting the nation today is that of the manner in which too many living among us 'think' -- putting the needs of others above ourselves.  If you do not take care of yourself, who will?  The White House will not acknowledge that ISIS is fighting for a WORLD caliphate and is not keeping us safe. I know that no security plan is perfect, but how about protecting our borders and keeping track of those who overstay their visas. 


Explain your views on the illegal  immigration issue the United States is experiencing today. In your opinion, what should we do to solve this problem -- today and in the future?  

Once again think of the country as a family in their home.  The family should first protect the security and well being of those in their home and if able, after taking care of its needs, it can and probably should care for others in need.  


Our current illegal immigration issue arises from guests overstaying their welcome and intruders finding their way through the open windows and doors of our home, univited.  Some of these uninvited housemates may help with chores and some may even pay for certain expenses, but many others do not.  Instead they corrupt family traditions, disrupt the family dynamics, and consume the family's goods.  Would anyone in their right minds allow someone to go into their house and benefit from their hard work or income? Or threaten the peace of their home?  


To solve the problem, a wall needs to be built -- not only in the south but also along the northern border.  Visa applicants should be scrutinized better and their stays should be better monitored; and immigration, as a whole, should be temporarily suspended until the current immigration system is overhauled and the wall is built.


Explain the reason you are supporting Donald Trump. 

I will vote for Donald Trump as he is the only one exposing all these problems even though he has been affected negatively by losing business contracts and having his own security at risk.  He is the only one spending his own money without leaving himself in the hands of lobbyists to decide on the country's well being.  And in doing so, he has spent less than any other candidate while achieving the most.  In my opinion, he is conveying that he truly cares for the future of the country.  I do not view him as a Republican or, for that matte,r a Democrat because, I believe, that neither party will achieve anything to help the "middle class."  I do believe and hope Trump can achieve something for the good of the country versus any of the other candidates on either side who will not accomplish anything.


Knowing what you know now, do you feel that coming to the United States was the best choice for you given the turmoil we are currently in and have been in for some time. 

It would be difficult not to see myself here as I would not have my husband and children as they are.  This is the country I love and I am now proud to be a citizen; I have a wonderful family and friends.  At the same time, I never thought I would experience the fear I lived with in Colombia during the cartel wars "here" in the US, not knowing when another terrorist will strike.


If you had the opportunity to give advice to President Obama, what would you say to him?

Please place the United States of America's safety, economic growth, and well being before anyone else's.  If you do not take care of your home and people first, who will?


Are your proud to be an American?

I am, and this is precisely why I will vote for Trump. During the last eight years, POTUS has fundamentally transformed a leading proud united Judeo-Christian nation into one who believes it is not exceptional but instead it should be ashamed of its accomplishments and think of itself as greedy and racist. We need a change...and that change is Donald Trump.


I agree with Carolina. We definitely need a change....and certainly, we will learn if Donald Trump is to become the catalyst to that change in the coming months.  What I have learned since meeting and speaking with Carolina is that there are many, many legal immigrants that feel the very same way as she does -- citizens who hold this country in high esteem and want to keep it that way. Their support of Donald Trump arises from the initial reason that they came to the United States to begin with.  They wanted "great."  Watching it slip through their fingers, when they've worked so hard to ensure it, is both shocking and distatesful beyond words or all rationale.


I understand their perspectives.  We all want this country to be "great" again.  Maybe if we showed a little moxie - similar to that of Carolina's and numerous other legal immigrants' - our regaining of that which we've lost won't seem so far reaching or the process, so overwhelmingly drawn out. I hope so...for all our sakes!


If, by chance, Donald Trump does win the Republican ticket and then the Presidency, I hope that he picks a Vice President with as much heart and courage as Carolina.  Frankly, anyone that has the guts to don a "Make America Great Again" cap while standing in the heart of one of the most liberal, Democratic states I know can certainly handle herself when the heat turns up and this country gets cookin' again.  


Talk about guts and standing by an unwavering belief and passion for the red, white and blue. I take my own cap off to you, Carolina, just as I am sure many others will upon reading this interview as well.



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