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Right: James Monroe Iglehart

(Tony Award Winner),

who plays Marquis de Lafayette

and Thomas Jefferson


Below: J. Quinton Johnson, who plays Hercules Mulligan and James Madison

Above: Brandon Victor Dixon, (who plays Aaron Burr)

Above: Gregory Haney (who plays Samuel Seabury), Roddy Kennedy (who plays George Eaker) and Rachel Farley

Country Music Artist Chelsea Bain Backstage With The Cast Of Hamilton 


She's opened for Tim McGraw, Jarred Niemann, Brett Eldredge, Justin Moore, Big & Rich and countless other top name country music artists. She cut her teeth at more than fifty Nascar races then landed among the select performers tapped to entertain the crowds leading up to Super Bowl XLIX (2015). And when this Arizona-born country music singer-songwriter isn't in the studio or out on tour, she's winning awards as a world champion equestrian or hanging out with gal pal singer-songerwriter Rachel Farley. She's Chelsea Bain. And I caught up with her and her trusty sidekick recently following a  a few day excursion to New York City, where the two had the pleasure of seeing the infamous Broadway musical "Hamilton."


Needless to say, the thrill in her voice as we spoke about the impact Hamilton had on her, both personally and professionally, arrived with the same genuiness all of Chelsea Bain's songs do. Naturally unguarded, Chelsea shared her thoughts about this musical and more in her interview below.


What did you learn from viewing Hamilton that will improve your own performance, music or career?

It has helped to expand my vocal range and love for this style of music. I cried throughout the entire performance because the levels of beauty were unimaginable. The fact that the story was 'real' made the experience very emotional and even more interesting to me. It compelled me to want to learn more about this time period. I was floored. 

Which character would you play if you had the chance?

Rachel Farley and I already have our two-man production of it in the works. I play Eliza and King George III. 

Which scene or song stuck with you the most?

"Dear Theodosia". I have never seen a live performance so real. The vulnerabilty was intense. To see two men singing to their children like that was achingly beautiful.

If you had the opportunity to speak with Lin Manuel Miranda, what would you say?

I'm such a fan girl. He did such a good job of writing the entire musical. I'd like to know how much a part of the characters resembles him outside of the facts in which they were based. 


Did the recent controversy the show had in relationship to Vice President Mike Pence have any impact on your wanting to go see this musical?

Not at all. No, I don't let politics interfere with my feelings towards the arts.

Where did you dine before the performance? 

We didn't. Rachel and I spent the entire day touring the city and the many historic sites applicable to Hamilton. We thought it would be a fun way to lead up to seeing the musical that evening. We did, however, have lunch at Fraunces Tavern. There is a museum upstairs. George Washington gave his farewell speech to his soldiers there. 

Did you specifically come to NYC for this event or were you there for another reason too?

We specifically planned our trip to New York City to see the performance. 


Certainly, having made so many new friends of the cast members of Hamilton, Chelsea Bain won't be drinkin' alone anytime soon despite what the title of her current album and hit song would lead you to believe. That goes for Rachel Farley too. They are a pair of congenial and dynamic women who will undoubtedly delight and befriend many as they travel the winding road towards their hard-earned places in the Country Music Hall of Fame. In the meantime, Lin Manuel Miranda might just want to consider adding them to his own existing cast given the video below. These ladies 'got it down'. 




Many thanks to Chelsea Bain and Campbell Entertainment Group for making this interview possible

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