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Former Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur, Amy Cosper, Expresses Herself


Last week, I came across a blog post on Linkedin written by Amy Cosper, former Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and Vice President of Entrepreneur Media.  The post had so much passion fueling it that it would have exploded my computer had I happened to light a match anywhere near it while reading.  


"Why I left traditional media," became the vehicle in which Amy used to explain her divorce from an industry, the direction of which Amy became both displeased and disenchanted with.  Seems to be the theme of the day, folks, given the backlash media has been experiencing ever since President Donald J. Trump first called the industry out.  Amy's own words, however, offered a powerful revelation, well beyond her ranting about her professional discontent.  It was obvious to me that something else - something deeper - was also going on inside of this woman who rose to industry ranks most women (or men) will never know.  


My hunch was based upon personal experience, one which resulted in a monumental career shift of my own earlier in my life. But in order to establish whether or not I was right, I needed to ask her.  So I reached out to Amy and had a very comfortable, congenial, and clear discussion about why she switched gears and then wrote about it in the manner that she did.  What I learned, I share with you, below.


What is your personal mantra?

Know what you stand for.  


How long have you been in media?

Almost my entire career has been in print media -- approximately twenty years..


Most recently, you left your position as Editor-in-Chief of one of the most widely read business magazines, Entrepreneur Magazine.  Explain the realization that compelled you to leave such a prestigious organization and title.

The way media is going became uncomfortable for me as it, increasingly, conflicted with what I stood for. There is a great quote from the novel "The Scarlet Letter" which says, “You don’t know the burden of something until it is removed.”  I woke up, oneday, and decided that I needed to "remove the burden" to stay true to myself.


Why write the powerhouse post “Why I left traditional media”?  What were you hoping to gain and give through this post?

I was carrying around these thoughts in my head for a long time.  I was feeling very raw and my silence was killing me.  I decided to share what I was thinking, finally. What I hope readers learn from this is the importance of staying true to yourself.


How would you have done your career, life or both differently given you had the opportunity to go back and rewrite the script?

I would not change anything.  At this point in my life, though, I want everything I do to be meaningful.


Do you believe that current-day society is demanding too much of  women, thus leaving little time to “regularly do the shit that requires you to wear a helmet” as you so eloquently put it? Or is that demand being felt by everyone?

I’ve always lived my life 'overachieving' as it was the only way I could get anywhere in my career and industry as a woman.


What have you learned about your husband through this period that you didn’t know before?

It is not what I've learned but what I continue to realize.  My husband is the most exquisite partner.  I've "leaned in" on him in a big way through this entire process and he has been supportive and remarkable -- a true source of strength.  


What’s next for you?  Any idea?

I will continue to work in media. I just launched my own website and am writing several books. Whatever I do, I want to have an impact by using my expertise without feeling as if I'm "selling out".


Share a social cause or cause-based organization close to your heart.

The one that really resonates with me is the importance of finding a voice for women in Africa and South American countries, like Honduras".  This need can't be overemphasized. 


When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I want my kids to remember me as being a positive influence in their lives.  I wan't to be remembered as being at peace with myself...and happy!  


So, in short, Amy had experienced an awakening and in that, she needed to take on a new role in her work life that differed from the one she had climbed her way up through the "print media" ranks to assume.  She wanted to have a larger, more meaningful impact on the world and live in a more fulfilled way than what traditional journalism could offer her in her current state.  Many of us reach that point sometime during our careers...if we are lucky.  In our maturity, we finally realize where true meaning and value lie and it's nowhere, where we thought it was in our youth.  So we go on to devote ourselves to alternate callings and challenges that align themselves, more closely, with our increased personal awareness and present-day needs.  We "give back" and "give up" what no longer suits us, regardless of the state of the industry we are in.


It's a great placed to 'be' -- where Amy Cosper is sitting right now.  A wise and talented woman, she will undoubtedly leave her mark in a whole new, beneficial, and humanistic way.   Bravo, Amy!  We, here, at THREAD MB applaud your courage and wish you all the best.   

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