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Darryl Worley Has Never Forgotten



Darryl Worley has spent more than fifteen years making country music his home.  In that time, he’s touched the hearts of countless fans, including thousands of military personnel that regard his songs as anthems to their lives and service.  How can anyone forget the poignant words of “Have Your Forgotten” following the tragedy of 911.  That song still stops me in my tracks every time I hear it.


It’s messages of “honor, respect, and national loyalty” sit among numerous other chart-topping hits penned by Darryl, many of which venture to enlist common sense and the preservation of the red, white, and blue where both seem to be faltering.  It is Darryl’s deep caring for the United States and people who serve that drives him to speak out on their behalf.  No doubt, his openness and personal views meet harsh criticism from the media at times but Darryl doesn’t seem to mind, rather taking it all in stride -- a part of “standing up for something (in this case, a very important something)."


Darryl also stands a host of social causes and backs his large heart up with both his hands and wallet.  One of the most hardworking and generous celebrities that I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing in this regard, Darryl Worley devotes hours to actively “helping” and “giving back.” From fighting cancer to helping those plagued by substance abuse issues, Darryl works towards making the lives of others better. It’s a running theme throughout all that Darryl embarks upon.


A devoted family who keeps God first, Darryl mixes strong values with an old-fashioned country charm that draws you into his music and inspires you to readily respect and admire the man and his life.


On that note, enjoy learning more about the Patriot and pillar of strength and conviction, we call Darryl Worley:


Describe Darryl Worley in one word.



What makes you tick?

I really enjoy my work and the people I work with.


Your "MUSIC & MEMORIES" cd/dvd set is extremely moving.  Share how this project came into being and what you hope to accomplish through it.

I spend a lot of time traveling all over the world to entertain our military troops. They are very inspiring people.  This project is a result of my interactions with them. We just wanted to shine a positive light on all that they do and lift them up with this music and DVD.


In your opinion, what makes you and your music so popular?

I think people relate to my music because it actually has something to say. The songs are usually about real life. People seem to make a connection with that.


What is your favorite song that you sing?

I have several favorites for different reasons: "Second Wind," "Awful Beautiful Life,"  and  "Have You Forgotten."


Does the current state of this country discourage you?

I am very discouraged. We have gotten so far away from the things that made this nation a super power. Our constitution and God would be a couple of things that we have forgotten about.


You have spent so much of your musical career "giving back" in countless ways. Share some of those ways and how others might become involved.

As I have mentioned, we travel a lot to entertain the troops. We also have "The Darryl Worley Foundation,"  "Tennessee River Run" events, and "The Darryl Worley Cancer Treatment Center." 

We do a ton of fundraising to keep all this up and running. It keeps us hopping.


You've endured much criticism from the media over the years.  Why do you feel this is so and how do you respond to this?  

I stand up for what I know is right. In this country, if they don't agree with you, they try to tear you down. They expect people to lie about things because THEY do. I'm honest about issues. They don't know what to do with that. It's an outdated concept for a lot of media outlets. You can scream until your head turns purple but they're still hell bent on running this nation into the ground.


Who is your hero?

I have two. My Momma and my Daddy are my heroes. I'm also a pretty big Clint Eastwood fan. I wish he'd run for President.


You are a very successful country vocalist and entrepreneur by all standards.  That said, what does the word "success" mean to you?

Making enough money at my profession to pay the bills and having the respect of my peers. This allows me to pursue true success.


In my opinion, real success is being able to honor my wife with the things in life that make her feel like the lady she is. It is also helping her raise our precious daughter in a good Christian home and teaching her the things that will help her to be a strong, well rounded, independent woman when she is ready to step out on her own. If we do well with her on these levels, I believe we will have achieved success.


Share the names and locations of the restaurants you currently own and any other business ventures that you are involved in.

I no longer own the restaurants but we are involved in many different business ventures. Some of these are centered around the music industry and others are not.


What changed your direction from working in the chemical industry to becoming a country music star?

I had a burning desire to try this music career and I couldn't bear the thought of going through life wondering if I could've made it.


Share something about Darryl Worley most don't know.

I love to dance with my beautiful wife. I love good red wine. I could easily move to a cabin in the mountains and live off the land. I'd rather watch a good MMA fight than eat. I am my daughter's biggest fan.


Who is your favorite music artist?

Right now, I would have to say Tim Menzies. He is an amazing Christian-Country singer and songwriter. His vocal stylings are truly anointed.


When all is said and done, how does Darryl Worley want to be remembered?

I would like for people to remember me for being strong in my convictions. I would hope that they'd say that “he cared deeply for others, especially those less fortunate.”  I'd pray that they acknowledged my genuine desire to 'give back,' selflessly, and that I was a patriot, who loved this country and all those who defend it. Lastly, I would love to be remembered as a man who put God first and then my wife and daughter. Maybe this all just means that I would love for folks to say “He was a stand up guy.” I guess it would be okay if they liked my music a little too.


Amazing….this man’s priorities.  Not only am I proud to have interviewed Darryl Worley, I’m proud that “gentlemen” like him still exist.  We need them, whether or not we agree with them all the time.  That said, I believe, the shift in this nation towards “significant change” underscores just how “true” that statement is...just how important “men and women” who stand for something, are! We are seeing more and more of them every day...those who have “not forgotten” what being an American means!  This country will be the greater for them just as we are the greater for having Darryl Worley walk amongst us.

Many thanks to Darryl Worley and CreekHouse Entertainment for making this interview possible.

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