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"Undercover Cowboy" is a section for anonymous essayists.  

Expect rants, opinions and just plain talk.

Stop The Madness!!!


I promised myself I would never write about politics in this space.  Forgive me, I fibbed. I find myself " forced" to release my inner political self.


I am screaming out to "stop the madness!!!"


To the voters of this country and the candidates, I beg of you to take more than a few steps back and breathe. Inhale - one, two, three - now exhale.

I found myself glued to all the networks this political season, regardless of their political agendas -- be it far right, far left, in the middle...what have you. It didn't matter. Never before have I worked my TV viewing pleasure around political debates. World Series, Super Bowl, Movies, Oscar Night, all "yes".  Debates...uh ah!

This is different, though, as what we are witnessing is a very, very angry country begging for change. Call this a cop out if you so please, but "I pick the candidate, not the party!"


Without giving away my age, I have gone to the polls approximately eight times for the "big one" and voted 4-3-1 by political party. (You can all guess from there)

Let me throw these catch words out there : enthralled, disgusted, idiocy, crudeness, nonsense, disrespect, lies, mistruths, insults,  implied racism. OK, I will stop there.

Why is it we all all hear complaints about major sporting events being aired at "non-kid friendly hours," but it's just fine to subject the youth of America to watch these disgraceful debates?


To be fair there have been one or two that I would actually call 'wholesome debates.' 


If the underlying goal was to have this new generation of up-n-coming voters ask mom and dad why these people are so angry (Candidates) then Congratulations! Success!

We are a great civilized country, and I am a very proud American. I get that there is a dirty side to politics; I am far from naive. The world as it is made up today with social media has the ability to make even a "nose pick" an event.

Has this social media bludgeoning caused the truly great and aspiring political minds to decide (at an early age) that they don't want these positions of power.  Is that why we have the choices we have?


Does having to be "perfect" in the minds of many need to begin at age twelve to keep the skeletons in the closet to a small few?


Happy November 8th, 2016. God help us all!

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