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Meet The Youtube “Deva” Every Mom Loves!


Deva Dalporto is one of the most creative and talented mom vloggers I’ve come across to-date. I say this because Deva has the unique talent of making the insanity of motherhood "funny" and she does so by parodying pop culture like no one else’s business.  All you need do is watch her version of Adele’s song “Hello” to fully understand why Deva has become the mega social media star that she has. Only Deva could figure out how to make that song much so...that I’m certain “mommy” Adele would love the humor-filled rendition of her solemn ballad, herself.  


Watching Deva portray motherhood through her Youtube channel, MyLifeSuckers, is like a tonic for many mothers.  Her dry wit combined with the clever scenarios she puts together makes the crazy we, moms, feel every day more palatable.  She’s given us permission to laugh at ourselves, our lives, and our extremely “human” sides by distorting reality through these visual caricatures she continues to develop and she has her whole family joining in on her fun as well as many of her friends.  It’s a personal touch that, undoubtedly, adds to the entire, amazing experience.


I feel most alive when I am acting or performing in my videos.  I think that the older you get, the more you realize how precious life is.  I’ve realized this and seizing every moment and using it to make other moms feel better about themselves - to make them laugh - is imperative to me,” states Deva.


I happen to think Deva’s work and enormous sense is imperative to her fans.  I hope that it becomes that way for you too upon learning more about the woman who has transformed our daily mayhem into welcomed madness.  


On that note, welcome Deva Dalporto:


What is your personal mantra?

“Why not me?” I’ve struggled with self-esteem issues all of my life.  It was that self doubt that held me back.  I’ve now come to realize that I deserve to fulfill my dreams so…”Why not me?”


Describe yourself in one word.



Share with us some of your personal background story?

I was raised by a single mom and had a fairly difficult childhood, which included having to move a great deal. My lifelong dream was to become an actress, ever since my debut as Little Red Riding Hood in kindergarten. Instead of the wolf, however, I’d go on to meet my husband.  Our whirlwind romance led to fourteen years of marriage and two children, ages six and nine. We are still going strong. I’ve now been a mom for close to a decade. “Motherhood” was not a smooth transition for me; infact, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Much of my work, on Youtube and otherwise, derives from this reality.   


Do you have a blog?

I began as a writer for Nickelodeon’s parenting website.  I became Senior Editor there. is my blog.  I vlog more.


What is the name of your Youtube Channel?



What is the focus of your Youtube videos?

The reality of motherhood and life with kids. I try to distill everything down to the truth.  


What are you hoping to accomplish through your videos?

The most amazing part of this journey has been the response from other moms.  I’ve made moms feel less crazy, less alone -- prevalent feelings moms cope with today.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

All of it comes from my life.  


How do you balance family and work?

I think that I do an OK job of balancing work and home.  Working from home helps.  What suffers is “me” time.  I balance it by ignoring myself (and probably to some extent, my marriage).


Share with us a social cause that you support, either formally or informally.  Explain.

I’m all about education.  All children deserve a great education.  My husband and I donate to funds that pay for college for underprivileged children. Last year, I was asked to donate parts in my videos to be auctioned off to raise money for schools - Bohemian Momsody, Momster Mash. Children are my soft spot.  We raised thousands of dollars.


What is your New Year’s resolution?

Stop worrying so much and stop the self-doubt.  


How do you want to be remembered.

As someone who fully loved, lived, gave and brought brightness to other people’s lives.  I will then pass them the gripe-about-me box.


The only gripe anyone would have about Deva Dalporto is that she was only one person.  There truly isn’t enough of this woman and her talent to go around.  Whether she is peeing on Youtube or sitting on a panel of social media experts talking about it, Deva is one-of-a-kind.  And she is “one” worth staying tuned into everyday through MyLifeSuckers.


You can find the link to her Youtube channel HERE.  Simply put, MyLifeSuckers will make your life better.


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