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Paris Isn't Just For Lovers


Paris….the center of food, fashion, art, style and, ahhhh yes, romance. These are the.delicacies most commonly attributed to the rich, rewarding, and enviable life of the Parisian. It’s the city that every woman must visit, at least once in her lifetime, and every man must financially prepare for given his wife drags him along.


Ironically, the Thoughts From Paris blog has no memory, no recollection or no references to this great city at all. Written by D.J. Paris, what this blog lacks in Joie de vive, it makes up for in wit, fun and unbridled, downright insightful humor that Parisians, Americans, and frankly everyone else who reads it, adores.


No, D.J. Paris is not a mom blogger. He ain’t spittin’ out babies.  But what he is spittin’ out is an opportunity to laugh about life while tapping back into a time when “deranged” was our every day modus operandi instead of the role model personalities we’ve all become today as a result of our our parenthood.  


Suffice-it-to-say, I believe it is time we all went to Paris through his interview below.  And might I say, enjoy your trip!


What is your full name?

D.J. Paris. Technically, that’s not my full name but you would think I was goofing around if I typed the whole thing out. Oh, and I’m a “third” as well. It’s a long, Spanish name and kind of ridiculous. D.J. is easier.


Where do you live?

Lincoln Park, Chicago


If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?

Massivedong – that’s one word, yes?


What is your personal mantra?

You can always be richer and thinner. Seriously, I believe that fulfillment comes from effort. Since all that we can control in this world is our own action, that’s what ultimately defines my happiness. The more I do, the better I feel.


Briefly tell us about you and your life.

I have a marketing job which eats up my daily 9am – 5pm. Since I love my career and get to bring my dog to the office, I blog at night and on weekends.


What is the name of your blog?  When was it launched?  

ThoughtsFromParis. It launched April of 2010.


Share with us the primary focus of your blog and what you hope to accomplish through it.

As a writer I focus in three areas – humor, vulnerability, and truth. I write about my own life incorporating those three characteristics into each piece. What I’m trying to do is find a way to entertain myself though writing. My goal, when I sit down to write, is that I want to read it back the next day surprised at my own brilliance. I wish I was joking.


List any blogger awards you have won.

I’ve never applied for a blog award so I have no idea. I think I’ve been nominated and won some stuff, but don’t ask me to remember specifics. Most recently I’m going to be the keynote speaker at BlogU this June.


Are you a Brand Ambassador and if so, for which companies?

Occasionally I’ll do a campaign for a brand but only if I’m a huge fan. In most instances I’ll contact the brand directly and tell them my idea. 95% of the time, they don’t write back. Jerks.


Which social media outlet do you find most helpful?

For me it’s Twitter. I have almost 150k followers. This sounds impressive until you realize that Paris Hilton (the other famous Paris) has 14 million followers. She’s also the highest paid DJ in the world. I’ll pause for a second while you recover from slamming your head into the desk repeatedly.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to anyone interested in beginning a blog?

If you care about people reading your blog, go find your audience. Make a list of blogs that have readers that might like your content. Start writing great comments on those blogs. Share posts on social media. Is it a lot of work? Yep. Does it work? Yes.


Share some names of favorite blogs you follow.

Well, I write for InThePowderRoom, and that’s about the funniest site out there right now. I don’t read a lot of other people’s blogs, but only because I’m self-obsessed. If anything I’ll pick up one of Woody Allen’s books, read a few pages, and then feel devastated that I’ll never be that funny.


Are you an entrepreneur or professional beyond your blog? Please share.

I was sitting around with my girlfriend recently and had an eureka moment. With all these subscription services I realized nobody has launched a “Period of the Month” club. Each month you’d get the hippest new tampon flooding the market (pun intended). Also, I’d throw in some bubble bath and a piece of chocolate. It’s called “Cursebox.”


What one question have you always wanted to be asked? Write here and answer it as well.

Q. How do you have all your hair at 40 and why is it still so blonde?

A. (shrugs shoulders) DNA and shit?


Share a social cause or cause-based organization close to your heart.

Every other week I spend time with developmentally disabled men at an organization in Chicago called Misericordia. We hang out and do guy stuff Lots of talking, watching TV and farting. It’s a great time and I’m honored that they choose my company.


When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

Being remembered is unimportant to me, but what keeps me up and night is being on my deathbed and thinking, “I never went for it.” I want to die peacefully with the notion that I gave it my all. That being said, I hope many people cry at my funeral.


Wasn’t that delectable!  And a short flight too.  If you are feeling a bit jetlagged or blue due to the brevity of your time away, remember...Thoughts From Paris is just one click of the mouse from where you, currently, sit. You can venture another trip just about any time you'd like -- with D.J. Paris as your host.  Make enough trips to his site, and they might even begin to call you a Parisian.  


Now don’t you feel sophisticated!


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