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Dolly Parton: A Legend...Pure and Simple


“We believe that if every kid grows up with a song in their heart and and book in their hand, well then, there’s a pretty good chance that their dreams will come true.” -- Dolly Parton


She is a one-of-a-kind superstar and legend, whose “goodness” is the true secret to her longevity -- mind, body, soul and career.  It’s what has kept her corralling generations of listeners into her music, her family destinations and her social causes (Imagination Library).  And it is what has put her back on the road this June in a recently announced tour she titles “Pure & Simple”, not unlike Dolly’s upcoming album by the same name.


No there won’t be a fancy light show swirling around her while she sings.  Nor has she lined-up any high profile entertainers to join her and super-charge the event.  In my opinion, Dolly’s presence, alone, is enough to illuminate and energize the biggest of houses -- well beyond what any addition could offer.  However, when broached with this question, Dolly so graciously and cleverly replied, “I won’t kick anyone off the stage if they just drop on by.  Those girls have been mighty nice to me and they are always welcome.”  


So maybe Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Shania Twain or Taylor Swift might just pop-on-over to Dolly’s stage after all, given her open invitation.  Personally, I’d love to see Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton duet, having already done so with the prior three.  Or possibly Beyonce?  I think Dolly could handle ‘Queen Bee’ and come out smelling like the sunflower that she’s always been.  Certainly, these pairings would ensure that Dolly Parton’s wishes of providing a show that has ‘something for everybody’ were fulfilled...without question.


Whether these ladies do or they don’t, a host of new songs from the album Pure & Simple mixed with a plethora of well-known masterpieces, a bit of gospel, bushels of corny jokes, and oodles of touching stories that are authentically “Dolly Parton” is all that any fan will need to join the sell-out crowds already purchasing tickets across the United States and Canada.  The tour begins in Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, N.C., on June 3rd and will run through the middle of December 2016.  


If you can’t make the tour, keep your eye out for Pure & Simple, the album.  Although it's release date has yet to be confirmed, Dolly and her team are bucking to unbridle the new little darling this summer, adding to the excitement already in store once the kids are out of school.  And speaking of the gang, don't overlook the ‘pure and simple’ fun Dolly brings your family’s way, year-round, through her theme parks, water parks and family destinations that are sure to make 'time off' a worthwhile time for all. As a parent who understands the challenges of finding wholesome and reasonably priced places to vacation with you kids over the long and lazy summer, Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, Lumberjack Adventure and Pirates Voyage may just offer you what you are looking for.  


And as the journey from home to one of Dolly’s family-fun parks may take a few hours, you might consider bringing along a book or two from Dolly’s own Imagination Library for your tykes to read while you are listening, contently, to Pure & Simple on your Ipod.  Have your kids join the 60 million other kids already receiving books in the United States, Europe and Canada through Imagination Library and help to make their dreams come true beyond this vacation.


You see...Dolly Parton just made your whole world right for a few moments with little more than the enormous “good” in her heart.  She will live forever, because that piece of her will never fade.  It exists in all that she is, all that she does, and the incredible memories she leaves behind.  That’s Pure & Simple honesty.  That's imagination required!


Many thanks to Dolly Parton and Webster Public Relations for making this interview possible


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