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The Muslim Carrie Bradshaw Is Setting Her Own Rules About Marriage


She is billed as the ‘Muslim’ Carrie Bradshaw -- a young woman who is breaking barriers and using her enlightened disposition to explain what ‘Muslim’ IS and ISN’T to a country where most remain fearful, baffled, and well, downright defensive about the topic.  Truthfully, I think her blog post “I am Muslim” should be required reading for everyone living in the United States as it offers a unique perspective that cuts to the core of how Muslim American’s are being forced to live, simply because they share the same last names with those who confuse the words “control” and “caliphate” with Muslim.


Faiza Rammuny, in my opinion, is a blogger whose “style” goes beyond clothing.  All women can identify with it, because at the core of it is “strength, caring, and compassion” -- three traits that have dominated womanhood throughout time, no matter the faith-based book in which you read. And she is using it to inspire other young women, regardless of the clan they arise from or the country they call home.


She’s a whole new kinda “Sex and The City” that is influencing a nation full of women eager to speak their minds, grow in education and influence, and check everything “negative” about being a young Muslim woman (suppressed by demands that truly aren’t Muslim) at the door.  To know her is to read her.  I urge you to begin doing so through her interview, below.


What is your full name?

Faiza Rammuny


Briefly describe you and your life, including where you live, children (if any), and whatever else you would like to share?

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Chicago where I still reside. I love this city about as much as I love what I do every single day -- help women find their self confidence after 'heartbreak', fix their relationships or get the courage to leave very negative ones. I do this all through comedy, because comedy is the greatest way to bridge the gap between sexes, cultures, religion, etc.


If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?



What is your personal mantra?

Tell me I can’t and I’ll say, "WATCH ME!"


Share the name of your blog as well as the date it was launched.  

My blog started as "51 Fridays", where I documented my father’s weekly obsession with getting me married(by introducing me to a guy every Friday night). Then it transitioned into Expired N Fabulous in 2012.


Explain what compelled you to begin blogging.

I needed a place to release my emotions to avoid going insane. I grew up in a strict Arab home where "speaking your mind" or "having an opinion that differed from the norm" wasn’t accepted.  So I needed a place to escape and be free to say and be me, with no barriers. In many ways, writing saved my life and sanity.


Share with us the primary focus of your blog and what you hope to accomplish through it.  

My focus is to share my life, experiences, and journey to find love -- with no apologies. It’s a place where rebels can unite and share in the one thing we can all relate to -- heartbreak and the search for ‘The One.’ I want people to see how a Muslim girl was able to find herself amongst the rubble of her hard circumstances, triumph, and ultimately, find herself and real happiness. If I can do it...if I can rise up against my strict culture that has hijacked a beautiful religion (Islam), family expectations, society, and heartbreak...then so can YOU! That’s what I’m going to do!


Are you a Brand Ambassador and if so, for which companies?

I’ve been working with Shapewaist and Superfitbabes with IG celebrity founders @valeriaorsini and @mybeautifulgiselle


Which social media outlet works best for your public relations/marketing efforts?

Instagram. Hands down! I can’t tell you how much I love that social media platform. It has evolved so much and shown to be the perfect fit for what I need to connect with people on a level that’s intimate and fun. Especially with the 'live feed video' option.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to anyone interested in beginning a blog?

Have a purpose. A message. Then go at it with every single bit of you. Be consistent. Reach out to other bloggers and ask them to check out your page, read your content, share it with others. There’s way too many people that have this level of pride when it comes to asking others for help. I’m NOT like that. I write ten emails a day to other bloggers and artists, asking them to check out my page and perhaps, if they feel inspired, share my work.


Share some names of favorite blogs you follow.

GaryVee is at the top of the list right now. I admire the hell out of his hustle and words.


Share a social cause or cause-based organization close to your heart.

I’m not, currently, involved with any, but I do intend to find some way to team up with organizations that help promote those interested in pursuing the Arts as well as prevent Bullying, Domestic violence, and Abuse.


When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

As a woman who used her experiences to help empower other women to reclaim their lives and live, organically, as themselves.


She’s gorgeous, brilliant and a risk taker -- a triple threat to admire and consider.  To top it off, she’s barely out of diapers and only just begun.  And, our daughters are listening to her.  A more influential and responsible blogger to our youth you are not going to find.  And let’s face it...our future rests in the hands of those who have our children’s attention. Need I say more?  


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