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Good Accidents


Last Friday morning, I planted myself in my local Starbucks for a short period of time where I was intent on drinking my fruity lemonade and bidding on a few items from an auction being held by the Parent-Child Home Program and their "Literacy Champion's Gala."  As I had accepted an invitation to attend that evening (as PCHP's guest), I wanted to contribute where I could.  And so, I perused the auction site in hopes of finding something appealing in which to bid on.  I did, a lovely set of earrings designed by Sarah Magid.  No, I had not heard of her before but apparently, her work spoke to me and so I pressed several keys thinking that I would do my best to acquire them.


What I had not anticipated, however was that, upon completion of all of the information required, my final action would result in my purchasing the earrings outright versus merely bidding on them.  Needless-to-say, I was stunned by what had unexpectedly transpired at first, then ultimately decided that it had been a fortunate accident in my favor and the favor of the families servied by the Parent-Child Home Program.  The moments following the incident found me packing up my things and calling my bestfriend to share the news, still not fully certain that what I had thought had occurred, had. 


It wasn't until later - while at the actual gala itself - that my suspicion and purchase was confirmed. I had indeed bought the earrings earlier that day.  I also learned that, that particular pair of earrings had been desired by half of the women in the room, all now disappointed by the realization that they had already been snatched up prior to any opportunity of being able to do so themselves. 


Suffice-it-to-say, I was pleased by my savvy but also mortified by the notion that me, the guest, had thwarted the intentions of so many of this organization's benefactors. So I did what any guilt-laden attendee would have done, I bought two more pieces of jewely and called it a day.  In need of upcoming holiday gifts, this seemed like the perfect solution. Yes, I have a sense of humor but also the good sense of knowing that every dollar counts, and with the holidays coming up, I decided to right my faux pas by initiating two more intential deeds of goodness in the name of the cause and organization that brought everyone of us together in the first place. Who could argue that point?  No one, in my opinion. 


I spent the rest of the evening in the company of many wonderful people who were all demonstrating their support in expanding the "joy of reading" to families whose kids may not know of it otherwise without their help. It was a wonderful gala, full of optimism and purpose -- one I highly recommend attending in the future.


That in mind, If you remain unfamiliar with the work the Parent-Child Home Program undertakes, I urge you to learn about this phenomenal organization through the following link.  They are a top notch group, employing a stellar team with the best of practices and intentions and every bit worth getting to know and become part of. 



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