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The Value Of A Mentor


When we need advice, we turn to our friends or family. The major life decisions that I’ve made have been with the help of those closest to me.


But, who do you turn to for professional advice and guidance? Your friends and family will surely listen, but will they have the insight that you need? How many of you have some one else? A mentor. Someone to count on. Help you. Shape you. And even push you.


I believe that everyone should have a mentor. I can speak first-hand about the benefits of having one. I would not be where I am today without mine.  Anyone who follows me, knows that - not only is

Kyle Reyes, the CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing my client and friend - but he is my mentor.


When I started my business, I was scared to death. There I was, a thirty-something year-old mother who was launching a public relations firm. I knew everything about PR, but running a business?…not so much.


I reached out to a friend who recently started his own business -- a marketing firm. He gave me the advice and the tools to get things in motion.  He told me exactly what I needed to do, even if I didn’t want to hear it. And, he held me accountable. Being held accountable is key. I don’t care how dedicated you are; you need to answer to someone.


As my business took off, I found that I needed his mentorship even more.  The work questions became more sophisticated. My mentor was the main person in business that I leaned on for help and wisdom. From professional advice to building my confidence, he was there for me. He understood the grind and demands of the business, but he also understood what it was like to be a business owner. From the pressure and long hours to the importance of growing the business, I had someone to help me through everything.


It’s not just young professionals that should have mentors. In fact, many baby boomers are taking advice from millennials. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, in boardrooms across the nation, “reverse mentoring” is taking root as baby boomer leaders seek out millennials to help them understand the latest in technology, social media and the fast-changing marketplace. Millennials are tech savvy and are teaching their elders how to navigate through the social media world.


Whether you are 18 or 80, you should find a mentor. Know that they are going to push and challenge you, but they will also build your self-confidence and help you grow.  They will be there for you at 5am or on weekends. They will become a good friend and you may even be able to offer them advice from time-to-time too.


I’d love to hear who your mentor. Please share your stories with me at or submit them through our contact page.



Alison Podworski is the owner of Alison May Public Relations. The former journalist is also a moderator and keynote speaker on public relations, reputation management, social media and crisis communications.  You can find Alison on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and on Snapchat @AlisonMayPR.


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