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The 2024 Republican primary in South Carolina is just 3 weeks away. It is going to predict more than the obvious in many Conservatives' opinion. There is speculation taking hold of social media that this primary will reveal the Republican presidential nominee but not in the way that our nation thinks.


Here’s the breakdown as I understand it. Former South Carolina governor and Republican primary presidential candidate Nikki Haley will commit professional and political suicide if she stays in that race and loses. Odds are, she is going to lose to former President Donald J. Trump. She isn’t stupid; she knows this. 


If Haley knowingly stays in the race anyway, it strongly suggests that there is another game at hand. You can bet she knows something American voters don’t know. The theory explain that this could only be that Trump will not be the Republican nominee in the end, that somehow he will be moved out of the way by the deep state who is pulling the strings. So if Haley remains in the South Carolina primary, she knows she is likely to be the Republican presidential nominee no matter what. 


Now let’s talk about President Joe Biden. He won’t be the Democrat’s presidential nominee either. Joe can’t function and is declining in health by the minute. The Democrats and elites have already picked their candidates to fill the Biden-Harris ticket. It is the reason they refused to have any primaries.


If another Democratic presidential primary candidate showed promise and possibly won the nomination that would compromise their game plan. They don’t want that. 


The prediction is that Biden will back out because of health reasons immediately preceding the Democratic convention, anytime between May and August 2024. That will leave the nominations open for business.


Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) will step in respectively. Her presence and voice is already being raised and there are rumors that her husband is speaking to deep-pocket Democrats to see if they will back her. This ticket’s presence will build on Obama’s popularity and lure the African American vote towards the left. The rumors of her run will turn out to be true. 


This set-up places the elites in the cat-bird seat. Haley will sit on the Republican presidential ticket and Obama-Newsom on the Democratic presidential ticket. Whatever way the election goes, the elites maintain control. It is the ultimate checkmate for them. 


The only ones that lose are the American people. Our lives won’t be any different under the next administration as the current. 


So according to these Conservative minds, keep an eye on Haley. Watch what she does regarding this upcoming primary. It will tell you exactly where this nation is heading. We will ultimately learn if this is pure speculation or fact. 

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