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We All Need A Bit

Of Honey In Our Diets

It is common among mothers to feed their children spoonfuls of honey to combat sore throats or swallow poor tasting medicine.  The sweetness and consistency of honey just makes everything feel better and so does an incredible lady and mom blogger named Honey Good.  


No, her real name isn’t “Honey.”  It’s Susan.  Honey is, actually, the name her grandkids call her by -- all twenty of them - as well as the many fans of her blog,  Honey adopted her surname, Good, when she married the love of her life, Sheldon Good. The two have been blissfully happy since the day they met and Honey isn’t shy in saying so.  As she puts it, “she’d do it all again in a heartbeat!”  


I happen to believe her as the conviction and love in her voice, says it all.  It also underscores the manner in which Honey has chosen to live her entire life.  “Life is all about loving others and being loved,” writes Honey on the homepage of her blog.  It is a remarkably positive and wise way of viewing “the journey,” especially as hers wasn’t made up of all “candy and butterflies.”  


Coping with an early widowhood, overcoming two bouts of cancer, and then enduring the unexpected suicide of her stepson, many would say that Honey has every reason to be tired and bitter.  “Many” would...but not Honey.  Honey is a glass-half-full kinda gal who appreciates everything and everyone and she is teaching her grandchildren to do the same.  


She explains, “I’m a naturally positive person who has realized the benefits of being so time and time again. Sharing this wisdom with my grandkids is one of the most precious gifts that I can give them.  So strong am I in this belief that I, actually, had an oil painting made up of a “glass” half-full and gave it to one of my grandsons to keep in his office for eternity.”


Why do I think that when “Honey Good” speaks, listening is the best of all options -- whether you are a grandchild or a fan?  No doubt, this is the reason why has become so popular.  The information, advice, features, and commentary on the blog are all good...and smart...and filled with an abundance of heart. It stands to reason that the recognition and accolades she is receiving for continues to grow in impressiveness, including recently being named the “Best Grandparents Website 2015” by GRAND magazine.  Honey’s also been invited to write a weekly column for The Chicago Sun Times Network (online in seventy cities).  Nope, “retirement” is nowhere in Honey’s future and good thing as that is one of the very few words Honey hates in both writing and life.  Honey insists that she will never retire and that is another truism "I believe" about her.  Honey Good has a bucket list of items left to do.


This includes continuing to be an enormous supporter of The Gary Sinise Foundation, an organization founded by Gary Sinise which provides aid and raises monies for wounded warriors. Yet another act of love...this time, towards those who “serve” as well as the nation where she was born and raised. Honey takes great pride in standing up for all those who have stood up for her and the many others fortunate enough to live in the United States.  Needless-to-say, a more patriotic individual, you will not find nor will you find a more inspiring mom (and grandmom) blogger.  


Although positioned to serve women ages “fifty and over,” is, undeniably, a blog women of all ages can enjoy.  The fact is...wisdom such as Honey’s isn’t lost on any age.  In fact, it’s the type of thinking that helps each of us continue to find ourselves as we move through one decade and into another.      


You are never too old or too young for help like this; just as you are never too old or too young for a bit of honey in your life.  Luckily, Honey figured out a way to bottle her own special brand of it in one incredibly nourishing blog.  


Check out if you haven’t done so already.  I promise’s one of the few sweets you won’t regret devouring daily.

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