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“Jamie and Doug Plus One” Adds A Whole New Screen To “Mom Influencing”


When I heard that Lifetime network decided to translate to television what so many moms do and share every day through their many blogs, vlogs, pins and posts and that Jamie Otis, Doug Hehner and their newest bundle of joy were at the center of the series, I felt both elated and vindicated.  Why?  Because I’ve long been of the opinion that television has been overlooking an enormous opportunity in joining hands with moms in a way they’ve needed, craved, and have been demonstrating through their social media platforms of choice. It’s the truth and finally a savvy network noticed, offering increased recognition, validation and attention to the very same women who will become the core audience of Lifetime’s new show, “Jamie and Doug Plus One.”


Let’s face it, mothers everywhere understand the highs and lows of navigating motherhood-parenthood in the first year.  It’s grueling and rewarding all at the same time.  There is so much to cope with under normal circumstances.  Reality television offers up a unique opportunity to capture that and remind us of it in ways scripted television just can’t and won’t ever do. And this particular couple is the perfect pair to accurately and openly portray true life as we, moms and dads, know it.  They are comfortable on camera and have become rather adept at inviting viewers into their world minus the sugarcoating. I am sure it will be no different this time around.


And then there is little Henley Grace (the “Plus One”), who shares the same middle name as my youngest daughter and will, no doubt, retrieve some wonderful memories for me each time I see her nestled in the warm and snuggly arms of her parents. Hold on tight Jamie and Doug, as before you know it, baby Henley Grace will be following big girl Isabel Grace off to college and spark a whole new idea for Lifetime network to consider, “Jamie and Doug: The Broke Years.”  Just kidding.  It’s important to keep a sense of humor as a parent.  Take it from a single mom who has raised four successful kids already and is still going strong (and standing upright)!


“Jamie and Doug Plus One” will debut at 8pm Est on December 19th on Lifetime network.  I urge you to join me in welcoming them into your home.  By opening your door to them, they are opening one up for all of you too, one where extremism no longer remains the single criteria for viable or viewable reality television.  Real life, as most of us know it, counts now as well.


Thank God one cable network finally saw the light!  Now, if only I can get them to do it again by launching another new show about a single-widowed mom with six kids - including two doctors, one scientist, a budding ecologist-actress, a 7 year-old, and one foster child on the way - as well as a booming blog and a jaw-dropping book due out February 13, 2018, called

“WHAT TO DO WHEN JANE KNOWS DICK ABOUT DATING” - my work, here, would be done.  No EXTREMISM in any of that, now is there?  






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