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I came across this campaign commercial the other day and I about near fell off the couch in hysteria and disbelief when I watched it through.  The flawed thinking that went into the creation and use of this commercial by Jeb Bush and his team as a means of pushing Jeb up the GOP roster is almost incomprehensible.  "Almost," I say because Jeb Bush seems to continue to run amuck in his overall campaign efforts, strategy, effectiveness, and general thinking.  It's a behavior that has carried through since the day he announced his Presidential intentions.  


What blew-me-away regarding this latest blunder is the fact that this man - who wants to run our country, no less - fails to see what this commercial is actually doing.  Words aside (how many of us actually listen to the words in these commercials, really?), Jeb Bush has provided the voters with visuals of Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Marco Rubio sitting behind the President's desk, in the President's chair -- all looking rather "Presidential."  And what of Jeb's presence in the oval office?  What visual did he leave voters with of him looking regally Presidential behind that desk and in that chair?  Dare-I-say, nodda one. 


The "take-away" from this campaign commercial simply added to the growing list of what "not" to do when campaigning for President as oppose to what "to" do.  It also demonstrated how enormously faulty Jeb Bush's judgement is when it comes to even minor decisions whose answers should seem obvious.  


The gentlemen and competitors he spotlighted have solid records to stand on with lists of accomplishments to recite and tout proudly.  They are running their campaigns intelligently and in ways that help voters already envision each of them sitting in that Presidential chair.  With Jeb Bush, basically, placing their buttocks in it for us - followed by visuals of him pontificating and madly shaking hands - one can only walk away thinking, who amongst these three would be the best choice for President of this nation....relegating Jeb to the position of either court jester or greeter.  Hey, he shakes a mean hand and is practiced in shaking many, quickly, by the looks of it.


Ohhhhh, how the mighty hath fallen.  Jeb, you have to do better than this or more people, besides me, will begin believing that you actually "don't" want to be President after all -- rather a roose to appease politcal and family expectations.  Take my advice...if your current efforts are bolstering the stamina, headway, and conception of your competitors as President, do the opposite!  And while you are at it, look for a sharper campaign manager to boot.  Geez!



Laura Wellington



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