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Bedding and sheets come home for men

Between The Sheets With Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Justin Mikita



We all know Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett on the Emmy Award-winning ABC comedy Modern Family as well as a crusader for LGBTQ civil rights throughout the United States and around the world.  But what’s he doing when he's not working or dedicating his life to helping important social causes?  He's designing "bedding" of course and breaking new ground at the same time.  


Jesse Tyler Ferguson has recently guest-designed two new styles of bedding for his husband Justin Mikita’s new bedding company called THREAD EXPERIMENT.  Already partners in TIE THE KNOT, an innovative project that raises funds to help advance awareness and equal rights for the LGBTQ community through the sale of bow ties designed by Jesse and additional, high profile guest designers, Jesse is now trying his hand at designing masculine bedding for a marketplace where none seems to be found.


It's equal rights 'in bed' just as it is 'out', folks and, frankly, I think the idea is brilliant.  Why should all men be forced to sleep on floral prints designed, predominantly, for the “lady of the house?”  Just as the world is evolving, so should everyone's options in bedding and who better to bring that truth to light than a gentleman and beloved actor who isn’t content to let others sit in the dark on important issues of the day (or night, now).


There’s a whole lot more to learn about THREAD EXPERIMENT and TIE THE KNOT through the interview below:


Share TIE THE KNOT's mantra or mission statement.

Spreading LGBTQ equality worldwide and looking damn good while doing it!


How did this entire endeavor actually get started? 

In 2012, we only had seven states with marriage equality.  Jesse and I decided to merge our strengths to help advocate through ties. We then called Greg Shugar, the Founder and CEO of The Tie Bar, to see if he would provide us with an outlet in which to sell these ties.  He said yes, immediately.  That is how Greg and I became partners in THREAD EXPERIMENT, our newest venture, launched in 2015.  


Explain what THREAD EXPERIMENT is all about.

THREAD EXPERIMENT creates and sells masculine bedding.  We are the only company that specifically designs bedding for men -- something we felt was lacking in today’s retail marketplace. We were right.  A year and a half later and we are already profitable.


Do you plan to expand past ties and bedding?

To a degree.  We are, currently, researching and considering expanding into throw blankets and accent pillows. However, our primary focus is to evolve our bedding lines.


Where do you manufacture?

We design everything in the U.S. and manufacture in China. The factory we work with has been around for forty years and use sustainable practices.


Is Jesse Tyler Ferguson involved in THREAD EXPERIMENT in any way?

Yes.  THREAD EXPERIMENT just released a new fall collection on the September 8th and Jesse contributed two guest designs.


Where can people buy THREAD EXPERIMENT bedding?

We sell, solely, online as opposed to through 'brick and mortar' stores. We ship every day.  80% of our packages are shipped within two days or less.


Does THREAD EXPERIMENT donate any proceeds to a social cause?

For every full set of bedding sold, we give a percentage of the proceeds to three different homeless shelters located on three different coasts.


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

Through both TIE THE KNOT and THREAD EXPERIMENT, “We want to be remembered as innovators who chose to 'give back' through socially responsible brands.”


The enormous success of THREAD EXPERIMENT is written on the wall.  Men’s stylish bedding is here to stay and wildly needed by the men in our lives who have opted to close their eyes every time they hit the sheets just because they love us.  It’s high-time we thank them by experimenting with new kinds of threads for our bedrooms, don’t you think?  



Thank you to Justin Mikita, and Greg Sugar for making this interview possible

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