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Jessie Pavelka Wins At Life As He Helps The World Lose Weight


When fitness expert and professional trainer Jessie Pavelka rang me to discuss his newest book, THE PROGRAM: 21 Days to a Stronger, Slimmer, Sexier You (Hachette Books, May 10, 2016), he did so while struggling to ‘trick out’ his six year-old’s head of hair.  Apparently, it was “Crazy Hair Day” at school and his son was relying on Jessie to know what to do.  


I couldn’t help but chuckle, understanding full well what Jessie was going through.  Many a crazy hair day did I endure with my five young ones.  The challenge of  figuring out just the right mix of color, texture, and insanity in which to keep my children happy and acceptable to their peers was always perplexing. Needless-to-say, we decided to reschedule the call to reconvene half-n-hour later.


Driving back from dropping off his son, Jessie, once again, dialed my number...not knowing that, in that one small act of compassion for his child, I had already gotten his.  Jessie Pavelka might have been a trainer on NBC’s Biggest Loser USA but that was the closest he would ever come to the word “loser” in my book, so quickly did it become clear that the largest muscle in Jessie's body was his heart.  How could you lose with that truth leading the way?  


No...Jessie Pavelka is not helping the world lose weight to turn a quick buck.  Jessie is using his expertise and mentoring abilities to improve the health and welfare of a nation -- one small and manageable step at a time.  His is a larger purpose to go along with that enormous heart and equally intelligent organ between his ears.  


If ever you are looking to master your fitness, nutrition, and health-related obstacles and challenges, learning from the best is the only way to go.  Jessie Pavelka practices that “best” every both his life and his work.  I’d suggest you learn more about him through the interview below, followed by learning more about yourself through his newest book, THE PROGRAM: 21 Days to a Stronger, Slimmer, Sexier You.


What is your personal mantra?

Be open and don’t be too attached because things change daily.  Adaptability is the key to survival.  I learned that through the birth of my son, six years ago.


Where did the passion for helping people lose weight arrive from?

Through my training as well as life experience, including a series of bad decisions made following my quitting football in high school as well as the divorce of my parents.  Good or bad, my mom always demonstrated unconditional love towards me.  She taught me empathy and enormous compassion. Both characteristics have proved to be enormously helpful in my life and work.


Share with us the goal of your newest book, THE PROGRAM: 21 Days to a Stronger, Slimmer, Sexier You.

There’s a larger message in this book beyond exercise, weight-loss, etc.  It is the connection between mind, body and soul that leads to happiness and the best state for your life and body possible.  Let’s not lose sight.  This is an exercise and nutrition book - as I am a fitness expert and personal trainer by trade - but it begins the process of thinking about health and weight-loss in a broader way.  


Americans think big, strive big, and eat big.  It is our national psychology.  How do we change or harness it when it comes to food given we are an obese nation.  

What makes this nation great is that we think big, but we also need to ‘compartmentalize big’ (understanding what to cut back on like food).


Do you believe that everyone is suppose to be thin?

"God, No."  The majority of people think that, I believe, but 'genetically,' certain body types carry more fat.  I think we are setting an unachievable goal if we say that everyone is suppose to be thin.  I also think ‘thin’ is in the past.  I think happy, healthy, and strong is ‘in’ now.


As most people don’t keep a personal trainer or dietician around 24/7, what is the secret behind achieving long term change?

It’s about doing small changes everyday.  You don’t want to fall into the pattern of cheat days.  Your psychology is key.  Keep yourself in the state of ‘achieving your goal’ by taking small steps daily.  


What have you found is the best way of breaking an unhealthy habit?

“Starting.”  Make the choice to take the first step.  


How do you motivate people to make daily exercise non-optional?

Make it manageable for you.  Each of us is different.  Don’t hold yourself to the same standard as the next person.  You need to do what you can do and let the other guy do what he can do.  As I said, take small steps daily -- the right ones for YOU.   


Share a social cause close to your heart.

Childhood obesity and Bullying.  Being a dad to a six year-old, I know you can change a child’s world with one mean or negative word.  


When “all” is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

A good father; a good man; someone who left a bit of a mark. I’d like to know that I helped others change in the way they hoped for -- the guy who showed up, did things differently and, in that, made a difference.


Understanding the importance of not failing at home while you are out making a difference in the world speaks to the character and credibility of the source.  I have no doubt, Jessie Pavelka is one expert and trainer you can put your complete faith in as, the idea of messing up any part of your life (except maybe your hair given you ask him nicely) just isn’t in his psychology or overall PROGRAM. He’s a winner, professional, and mensch on every level.  I recommend you pre-order his book now as summer is just around the corner. It's sure to be a Bestseller.


Many thanks to Jessie Pavelka and BWR Public Relations for making this interview possible


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