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Another Royal Will Soon Lay Claim To That Spotlight Shining Across The Pond 


I can't think of a better way to greet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming nuptuals than with the release of

Joan Armatrading's newest album, "Not Too Far Away. "   Afterall, both are exactly that.  The album debuts on May 18th and the wedding follows suit on May 19th.  And Joan IS music royalty in the U.K. and to music aficionados worldwide.  Seems only right that one would follow the other.


I remember the first time I ever heard Joan Armatrading belt out her classic hit "Temptation."  My music tastebuds would forever be changed.  From then on out, I demanded more from every other artist I listened to.  Armatrading's unique vocals, soul-filled storytelling, and energy upped my game, causing me to trade in my "pop" leanings for those that didn't just make me want to dance but to go deeper.  Needless-to-say, as this music pioneer grew, so did I.    


That hasn't changed, mind you, which was the reason I was exceptionally thrlled to receive the news that she would, indeed, grant me an interview.  Funny, academically accomplshed, and a marathon runner no less, Joan Armatrading's muti-award winning talent, bold personality, and artistic influence is timeless just like that of our love for the royals.  I promise you that your affections will only increase after reading her interview below.


Share your personal mantra. 

"It's never too late."


If you had to describe your music to a newbie, what would you say?  

My music is eclectic, a mixture of pop, jazz, blues, rock, folk, and everything in between. The songs tell stories of human emotions.  I have written about people and how they interact with each other from the start of first writing songs.


Your current album is a reflection of ______________________. Explain.

My current album - Not Too Far Away - is a reflection of love and all its ups and downs.


Do you have a favorite song on that album and what makes that special to you?  Is it the same as the one or two songs from the album you believe will be the most popular?

As the writer of all of the songs, naturally, I love all of them. I'm waiting to find out which one the people who listen to my music take

as their favorite.


Describe the moment in your life when you first realized you had "made it" as an artist.

I'm still waiting.


Share a social cause or social cause organization close to your heart.

The Prince's Trust do great work and have helped countless people to enrich their lives. I have been an ambassador since 1983


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

It would just be nice to be remembered.


Joan Armatrading has definitely made the history books as having underscored some of the best moments of my life -- unforgettable moments.  To worry about being remembered?  That's one concern worth royally banishng from her mind.  Consider downloading her album as you prepare for the wedding festivities ahead -- a Royal warm up so to speak.



Many thanks to Joan Armatrading and Judy Totton Publicity for making this interview possible

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