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Joanna Clute: A "Wisdom & Wine" Connoisseur


"Wine, Wine, and More Wine!" or so goes the jingle many, many moms sing at the end of each week (or maybe, each day depending upon the mom and how many kids she's raising).  And it needn't be the holiday season to enjoy the sweet nectar either -- although with Thanksgiving coming up, a better excuse a mom need not have to be grateful for her loved ones and another soothing glass of Chardonnay!


Hey, motherhood is tough work...and so is being a busy wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, class parent, chauffeur, cook, chief bottle washer, laundry expert, educator, domestic engineer, friend and possibly even a full-time "out-of-the-home" professional.  Now that I've made every last one of us sound like we suck fermented grape juice through our veins all day long, here's the real truth....most of us don't, despite what "one too many" books on this subject matter imply.  Good Grief!!!  The fact is, you can't keep the kinds of schedules we do nor care so deeply about our families and then take to the wine jug on a regular basis.  No coffee in the world is strong enough to counteract that behavior or even keep you standing under such circumstances.


That said, many moms do enjoy a glass of wine (or two) on occasion, and some - like one of my favorite mom bloggers of all time, Joanna Clute - know a bit more about wine than most sommeliers.  What Joanna also knows about is "motherhood" as well as the enormous support each mom needs to make it through every day sober, satisfied, and smiling.  


Her blog "Motherhood & Merlot" is a masterful blend of all three facets of life -- one which will intoxicate any woman who samples a taste.  Not one to push anything on anybody, I daresay, this is one of those times when you can believe all of the reviews and then some.    


Enjoy getting to know Joanna Clute -- the grand dame of wine, women, and the wonderful madness we call our lives.  And at the end of this interview, find some tantalizing beverage selections to share with your friends and family at Thanksgiving dinner and into the holiday season...compliments of the lady, herself.


What is your full name?   

Joanna Carolyn Clute


Where do you live?

Scottsdale, AZ


How many children do you have?

4 children, all under 4 years old


If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?



What is your personal mantra? 

“Do unto others and you would have them do unto you.” Luke 6:31


Finish this sentence, “Empowering women is important because _____.” 

Because there is too much judgment and negativity in the world already. Women, as a whole, have it hard enough with body shaming, mom judgment, name it.  We need to be empowering one another and trying to lift each other up as women rather than tearing each other down even more.


How long have you been blogging for?  Do you blog for any group blogs or websites beyond your own?

I have been blogging for a little over a year. I have not blogged for any other websites beyond my own, as of yet.


What is the name of your blog?  When was it launched?  

"Motherhood & Merlot" -- launched in June of 2014.


Share with us the significance of the name of your blog to you.  How did you come up with it? "Motherhood" is basically my life right now, as I am the mom to four youngsters.  I am also a HUGE wine lover.  Putting the two made sense to me.  The combination, Motherhood & Merlot, just kind of flows off the tongue.


What is the primary focus of your blog?

Parenting and sharing empowering messages specific to women.


What makes your blog unique?

I have a little bit of everything in my blog but, I think, I provide a very honest perspective on motherhood and womanhood while making it fun with wine reviews and beauty tips.


Tell us about your blog in depth, including what you hope to accomplish through it.        - Motherhood & Merlot is a lifestyle and family blog that focuses on empowering women through honest posts about motherhood, inner and outer beauty, and the power in a good glass of wine. I also share tips on health and fashion and have plenty of posts that talk about life with my four children.


With this blog, I hope to spread uplifting messages for women and to create an environment that makes woman feel empowered as well as not alone. There are tons of women going through similar things as me.  We can all be there for one another.


Are you a Brand Ambassador and if so, for which companies?

"Toe Talk" - Mind. Body. Socks.


Beyond your blog, do you engage in other social media outlets such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

I am huge into social media. I am on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin, Periscope and Stumble Upon.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to moms who may be interested in beginning a blog?

Just go for it! Find something that you are passionate about and write.  Blogging is an amazing and creative outlet.


Do you support – either formally or informally – a particular social cause?

Informally -- to end shaming between moms and women. It isn’t a “social cause” technically, but it’s important to me.


When all is said and done, what is the one thing you hope your loved ones and those who knew you remember about you?

That I put my whole heart into the things I am passionate about and lived my life with a heart for the Lord.


Lastly, please share with us some of your top choices in wines for the holidays. 

Rex Hill Pinot Noir, Dreaming Tree “Crush” Red Blend, Josh Cabernet Sauvignon, 14 Hands Merlot, St. Michelle Riesling, and (always) Champagne


Just as the name Motherhood & Merlot made sense to Joanna, recommending her insightful and delightful blog to my readers made good sense to me.  It's a bottle best left "uncorked" and "breathing," I assure you!  You might even consider committing to a whole darn case of this particular blend is truly that good!

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