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No Such Thing As Impossible!


If I was asked to describe Jason Roy in five words or less, I’d begin with “character-driven” and quickly follow with “faith-filled” and “impactful.”  The lead vocalist for the enormously popular, GRAMMY-nominated band Building 429 is that and more, both personally and professionally.  All you need do is listen to his profound lyrics and uplifting music or read Jason’s post titled 10 Reasons I’m STILL Married To My Wife to understand where this gentleman lives and what drives him.  


Yes, he is a “Holy Roler” as some might call him.  That said, the inspiration and enlightenment he shares through his life and work is unforgettable and, inarguably, worth rolling across the world, especially during current times.  All we need do is look around us to understand why.


Unashamed for the choices he has made, the rules and beliefs he lives by and the God-centric message he professes, Jason encapsulates this and more in his newest album, Unashamed. Digging deeper into God’s Word than ever before, this recent addition to Building 429’s compilation of moving ballads and upbeat hits devotes itself to reminding people of the importance of standing up for your beliefs and refusing to be unashamed in doing so.  


“We don’t leave anyone behind in this message.  Each of us must “stand up” without apology and come together as a people for the welfare of all.”  


Sounds vaguely familiar in this election year.  The fact of the matter is, however, when Jason Roy says it, I believe him as he’s set the example throughout his entire life -- despite pain and hardship, including throughout his youth.  Challenged by a broken family and a father whose addiction left Jason scarred, struggling, and alone, Jason’s strong faith and love for music would, eventually, chart his course, help him to heal, and even allow him to forgive.  He would emerge a leader in many ways, including at home, in church, and on stage.


Imagine all of this passion, excitement, motivation, thoughtfulness and authenticity all wrapped up in one incredible album and you have Unashamed. It’s a masterpiece that should be on everybody’s playlist just as getting to know Jason Roy further through his interview below should be on everyone’s agenda. Doing both may mean breaking out of your comfort zone but have faith, no apologies will be expected given you take the leap.


What is your personal mantra?

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could never fail?” The first memory I have as a child is asking my mom to help me learn to ride my bike by having her give me a requested push.  She refused to for fear that I might hurt myself.  This did not stop me. I found a way to “push off” myself. I’ve been doing the same in a myriad of ways throughout my life, ever since.  I refuse to let fear stop me.  


What are your top four rules you adhere to that keep your life working?

-Seek to understand...not always to be understood;

-Love people for who they are.  Don’t hate them for who they can never be;

-I must walk into the rooms that I fear;

-I must outwork everyone and anyone as “delivering on my word” is imperative to me.


What was your goal in the creation of your new album “Unashamed?”

To share how powerful,healing and redemptive our personal stories can be for others.  Like the gospel - a culmination of stories which has carried so many through dark times - music can do the same.   Our goal is “story.”  We spend so much of our lives hiding who we are.  Sometimes the power of the gospel is muted.  But it is the gospel that has kept us standing through the dark times.  Your story has power of redemption given your bring it to light.  Jesus called the sinners, the broken down, the messed-up to carry his message forth.  Religion is what defines us as unworthy but faith defines us as worthy.           


How is this album special?

Jump into the holes we’ve been in before and help others out.


You are going on tour with TobyMac.  Say something to Toby that you would like him to know before you commence on tour together.

It’s an honor to be here.  I look forward to supporting you learning from you.  


You are also participating in WAY-FM Tour For Kids this April.  Why were you so eager to jump on board with this event?

The things that I’m going to lend my credibility and name too are the things that I trust warrant them, especially the people involved.  This is an amazing organization with amazing leadership.


What is the most important thing you hope to bring to the world through your music, your pastoring at Grace Community Church, and the culmination of your life and work?

With my son and my daughter, I hope they saw a man who, everyday, tried to live a life that was worthy of the calling placed on my by God.  I hope to inspire them to take the road less traveled, to dare greatly, to LIVE a life that leaves other encouraged and their souls full.


Which figure from the Bible do you identify with most and why?

I most relate to David.  His path was really interesting, crazy, and wild.  From such humble beginnings, he grew up and was a shepherd boy.  He spent so much time alone, preparing for his venture. He spent so much time unliked by Saul and challenged by others.  He was also a musician.  His tale is a cautionary one.  


If you could give one piece of advice to the incoming President of the United States as to how to steer this nation back closer to God, what would that advice be?

In a world of brokenness and chaos, that those who have the ability to act against injustice, should act against injustice.  Where there is injustice in a world; those who have the ability to act, have the responsibility to act.  Pray on that.  Show character.  Do the best you can.  If you fail, admit it!


Share with us a social cause or cause-based organization you support or are involved in.

An organization started by a ten year-old girl, Mallory, in my church. We sponsor a child through this agency - Project Yesu.  To-date, she’s raised $110,000 and has founded an orphanage in Uganda.  


When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be known as a good father, first.  Then a dreamer, who chased them and made them happen.  Someone who spoke with the authority of the Lord (anointed by the Lord to help others through enlightenment and hope).  

Is there any wonder why Building 429 is hitting the road with TobyMac in April 2016 and headlining the upcoming Way-FM For Kids Tour this Spring?  I can’t imagine there is. Jason Roy is the kind of character and talent you want standing next to you and “up” for kids.  His is a voice worth listening to, whether or not accompanied by chords.  Truth-be-told, he speaks to your heartstrings, regardless.    


Many thanks to Jason Roy and Merge Public Relations for making this interview possible

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