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"Justin, that's INCREDIBLE!

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I read it with to my five year-old son.  We both LOVED it! 

-Laura Wellington, Editor

Justin Flom Puts Clarity, Integrity & Heart At The Center Of His Magic



It was Harry Houdini who said, “My brain is the key to set my mind free.”  


Justin Flom, no doubt, agrees with his predecessor.  His life and career reflect this belief. From the manner in which he pursues his forward-thinking goals and dreams to the variety of tricks and use of social media which has made him a household name in magic in record time, Justin has freed his mind to capture the attention of millions, and stop he will not.  Justin’s brain is working overtime so that he may bring his fans joy and child-like wonder every day in ways only he can think up.


With a desire to uphold the purity and clarity he has become famous for in his magic performances, Justin’s tricks are devoid of any trickery per se, choosing to integrate a kind of honesty that doesn’t jeopardize the type of person he chooses to be.  His small-town upbringing showing, Justin is proving that you can hold tight to your roots while spreading powerful and widespread wings, given you remain “authentic” and on the path of “good.”


After speaking with Justin, it is no small surprise to me why he has wowed so many on-stage or in his living.  He wowed me over the phone.  I am certain he will do the same to your through his interview below.   


What is your personal mantra?

Work everyday.  I love being productive and embrace as many projects as possible at one time to increase my skill and workload.  My work ethic came from my parents.  Making magic, sharing joy, and focusing on my strengths is how I choose to live my life.


What was the true catalyst behind your becoming a professional magician?

I was really good at lying which is a necessary component of magic.  I love the “wonder” that good magic instills.  It’s like watching people experience Santa Claus again. It’s a great way of make a living out of my life’s purpose.


Where is this all leading to in your head, including your ultimate goal?

I want to headline my own show and tour arenas all across the United States -- sharing my magic (despite its intimacy) with as many people as possible. I’d like to push the business of magic to a whole new level as well, which includes the opening of a magic-based restaurant and more.


How did "simplicity" become your hook?

One of my keywords is “clarity.”  I want clarity in my life, relationships, and work.

Clarity is very important in magic.  Confusion is not magic.  Through confusion, you won’t achieve the feeling of wonder.  


Explain your social media strategy?

Facebook and Snapchat lead the charge in my plan and my fanbase.  I want the content to be raw and believable.  I want the audience to see me as being honest.  I invite my viewers into my home through my videos to offer that honesty and use it as my stage.


What’s you favorite trick to do?

Card Hit Wonder (Mega Mix)


What is the most popular trick you do, presently?

Water to Coke -.  I have had people tell me that I am using demons to do this trick as the magic is so good.


Name the ultimate person you would like to perform for?

John Mayer, Arnold Schwarzennegger, and Taylor Swift.


Share the "oh shit" moment?

I almost set fire to Wayne Brady’s hand on the Late Late Show on CBS.  I lit a sugar packet on fire and it landed on his hand.  He retorted with a very funny line, classic Wayne Brady improv.


What's the hardest part of doing what you do?

The travel, hotel rooms, and time away from my own bed.  


Name someone who helped you make it who has never realized that they had that much of an impact.  

My uncle doesn’t realize the influence he had in my embracing magic.  He passed away too early. He got my father into magic and I inherited it.  He would be so thrilled to know how far I’ve come, whom I’ve met, etc.  Additionally, classmates in high school who doubted me.  However, they don’t deserve that much credit.  You realize that you don’t need to shove your success in the doubters’ faces; you, merely, rise above.  


Share the most important lesson you've learned through all of this that you are glad you learned when you were young.

Pack as much into your brains as possible when you are young.  It is a lot harder to find the time and elasticity when you are older.  All of the magic I do is still based on the slight-of-hand that I learned by sixteen years old.  When young magicians ask me how to become a super magician; my answer always is “Put in a decade.”


Share a social cause or cause-based organization you support.

My wife and I both adopted a little girl using World Vision.   She was born on the day my wife and I met.  This little girl has brought a tremendous amount of magic to our lives by allowing us to be part of hers.  We recently sent her village a goat.


When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I’d like people to remember that I wasn’t about ego.  I didn’t do magic for myself. I did it for others to bring joy.  


If only we could all adopt that perspective...if we all made it a priority to place the joy of others at the heart of what we do everyday.  Imagine what this world would be like?  We would have invoked the grandest magic of all -- LOVE.   It’s what Justin shares every time he pulls a string through his throat, ejects a tic tac from his eye or balances an elephant on a beer bottle (well, he doesn’t exactly do that trick yet, but I’m sure it’s comin’).

Many thanks to Justin Flom and Campbell Entertainment Group for making this interview possible

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