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Karen Smoots Is To Gloves What Joy Mangano Is To Mops


When Karen Smoots first contacted me about her home-based invention, The Green Glove Dryer, I really didn’t know what to expect.  People contact me all the time with the next best widget in which to review and possibly write about.  Why would Karen’s concept be anything more than what everyone else is selling?


Needless-to-say, my initial hesitation didn’t last long.  It was replaced by Karen’s ingenuity and practicality in the form of a much needed solution to an age old dilemma, summed up by the following phrase, “I’ve just been handed two sopping wet gloves by my child who needs them again tomorrow. What a waste of electricity to run the dryer for only two gloves.” Then turning our heads in disdain (slunken in environmental shame), we quickly toss both gloves into the machine, slam the door shut, and turn the knob to “on,” wholly pained by the affront on our planet we’ve just committed.  It is obvious to me that Karen has experienced like remorse -- probably even more so, as her plaguing guilt led her to devise a “green” alternative to change the scenario from reckless to responsible...and, dare I say, fun!


Called The Green Glove Dryer, the concept allows users to heat their homes while drying their gloves all at the same time without wasting energy or money.  The product’s design is both simple and clever.  It is also effective, resulting in dry gloves, hats and socks in no time at all.  Karen’s brainstorm also eliminates the irritation that goes along with the dryer’s unruly appetite for single socks and mittens.    


With winter coming, I can not imagine a better item to know about and I am, obviously, not alone. QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon are all “selling out” of the item on a regular basis.  The Green Glove Dryer is also collecting awards just as quickly as it’s drying beanies.  Karen’s company has been named the “Best Start-Up in Michigan” and sits among the top three finalists for the “Best Overall Small Business in Michigan.”  The Green Glove Dryer has also won QVC-Sprout’s “Search For Tomorrowland Winner.”  With all of the excitement, is it any wonder that this mom of two is working day and night to keep up with the orders flooding in through her door?  


“My husband lends a hand where he can and so do my mom and dad.  Luckily, my manufacturer handles the packing and delivery of my large orders.  Me and my family keep up with the smaller ones, which is still pretty challenging at this point,” says Karen Smoots.


I can only imagine.  Karen went on to explain the schedule she is currently maintaining and I, just about, fell over.  She insists that “When you do something that you love, it’s not exhausting.  It’s rewarding.”  Thankfully, she loves what she is doing.


I love that The Green Glove Dryer is extremely affordable and arrives in a biodegradable bag (made of corn).  I also love that she continues to keep her family first in her life, which includes helping her cousin overcome the death of her two sons due to the sad realities of mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.


As someone who use to work in the pharmaceutical industry herself, this tragic event isn’t new to Karen.  What is new is that it occurred in her own family.  Thus Karen helps to promote information to kids as to the dangers of mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.  She speaks in schools and recreation centers and is, presently, helping her cousin launch a foundation in her nephews’ names, Jack & Nick Savage, in hopes that more can be done.


“I think it is important that we convince states to repeal the laws deterring kids from reporting incidents that leave other kids dead.  As long as there is fear associated with calling for help, kids will die.”


I agree with Karen on this point.  Not only is she a woman on a mission to dry that which covers our hands and feet but that which shields our eyes and hearts from unnecessary tears.  Suffice-it-to-say, I am exceptionally grateful to know Karen and am elated to see all of her success, especially in the short time it has happened.  


The Green Glove Dryer is a wonderful invention and an equally nifty and helpful gift to give to any parent or individual concerned with “saving the environment” and reducing his or her monthly utility bill in the process.  Sometimes “good guys” (and gals) do finish “first.”  This is one of those times, I am happy to say -- even happier to mention that this innovative mom is a mom blogger as well!


With no limits to Mrs. Smoot’s talents and social responsibility, sharing her in our Spotlight was a “must do”!

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