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Invite Good Karma & Health Your Way Through A New Kind Of Vitamin Water


I’m a big believer in Karma.  What goes around, comes around, baby!  And what came around to me, unexpectedly, was meeting Jeff Platt.  I found myself sitting next to him and his wife at a wine tasting held by Hotel Viking this past winter.  All of the couples at our table - being new to each other - embarked upon the usual greetings and inquiries.  Jeff, particularly, grabbed my interest as the name of his company “Karma Wellness Water” intrigued me, for the obvious reason.  Little did I know, that was just the tip of the iceberg.


Karma Wellness Water is doing something that no other company, I know of, is doing.  Unlike other vitamin water companies, this one insists that consumers get the most ‘bang for their buck’ through a unique cap, specifically designed to allow consumers to regulate when the vitamins are actually added to their bottle of water as opposed to the company, itself.  Karma Wellness Water’s vitamins remain enclosed in a one-of-a-kind push cap which you “push” to break the seal, then watch the vitamins submerge into the water bottle.  A few shakes and your vitamin water is ready to drink.  


I have to tell you - having tried this vitamin water - not only is it great tasting and come in a variety of flavors, but it is damn fun and empowering to drink.  You feel as if you are drinking vitamin water from a company that truly cares about their consumers and basically, the world, knowing that Karma underscores all that they do.  They have a variety of versions on the horizon beyond their current lines, including one for children.


I would suggest reading more about them in their interview below and then getting ahold of a bottle.  You will thank me for the suggestion, I assure you.


Share the names of the founders of Karma Wellness Water.

Jeff Platt and CJ Rapp


Share the mission statement of the company.

Karma Wellness Water is a truly enlightened product, born out of the idea that "what goes around comes around". A product based on the simple belief that if you do something positive—for others, or for yourself—you’ll get something positive back in return.


When you think about it, it just makes sense: make good choices, and you’ll see and feel the benefits -- like choosing a drink that transforms pristine spring water into wellness water, creating positive effects for your mind, body, spirit, balance, and vitality. That’s Karma.


And Karma Wellness Water was made possible thanks to a choice we made. Vitamins deteriorate in water, so premixed vitamin drinks can lose their strength over time. But because we chose to keep Karma’s ingredients in a patented KarmaCap until you’re ready to mix them, you’re able to enjoy all their benefits at maximum potency. Push for better with Karma!


Please provide the backstory behind the founders coming together and beginning this company, including the date it was launched.  Include in this answer any relevant experience each of them had to the drink business.

Jeff and CJ are industry veterans…each with more than 30 years of beverage experience.


Who came up with the name of the company and product?

CJ…who thought the Karma name was perfect for a wellness beverage.  The company has global aspirations, and Karma is a universally understood spiritual principlel of cause and effect.


What was missing in the marketplace that compelled them to launch this company and product?

A wellness beverage that delivers on its promise.  Karma has substance and style.


Talk about the uniqueness of the cap (include discussion on the patent) and how it plays into the uniqueness of the product overall.

Karma designed and patented its custom Push Cap.  It is user-friendly and technically superior…including the hermetically sealed contents inside the cap…optimizing the quality.


What hard evidence do you have that the vitamins actually deteriorate when sitting in water for too long?  

Search anywhere, and there are hundreds of studies validating water soluble vitamins deteriorate when exposed to the elements of oxygen, water, light, etc.  Conversely, the Karma Cap protects the vitamins from these elements, assuring full potency at the time of consumption.


Share different variations of the water that you have come up with (including the one for kids Jeff mentioned to me).  How many and types?

The idea is a “morning, day and night” combo 3-pack for children.  The bottle consumed in the morning is an immunity booster, by day is cognitive nutrition, and by night is a pro-digestion enhancer.  Collectively it delivers healthy hydration. We have also have released Karma Probiotics this year which is a shelf-stable beverage containing 100 percent of 6 essential vitamins and 2 billion probiotic cultures (Ganeden BC30).


Do you plan to expand into other products or are you, currently, sticking to water? (Possibly one specific to helping the elderly)

Karma’s “space” is wellness.  The sky is the limit.


Where can people go to purchase the product?  Where do you have your strongest retail presence, currently?

Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Amazon, and dozens of regional chains.


Share a social cause or cause-based organization Karma Wellness Water gives back to.

Karma’s “Push For Better” social media campaign is also our corporate Social Responsibly platform. Not only do we encourage our consumers to "push for better" in every aspect of their lives-whether it be through healthier choices, good deeds or bettering their communities.  Karma also supports hundreds of charities each year through sponsorships and donations!


When all is said and done, how does Karma Wellness Water want to be remembered?

As the first-ever beverage that delivered on the promise of wellness.


For all of you who read me, regularly, you know that I would never recommend something I did not believe in.  Nor do I engage in paid endorsements of any kind.  That is what sets me apart, guarantees my credibility, and invites good Karma my way.  So you know that when I say “Karma Wellness Water is worth trying”, I mean it.  Pure and simple, it makes you feel good -- quite in line with what I try to do through THREAD MB each week.


Many thanks to Karma Wellness Water for making this interview possible



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