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Kathy Scott And Her 1000 Girlfriends Hash About History


There is no doubt that watching Secretary of State Hillary Clinton run for the presidency denotes a whole new age of 'female influence' upon this country.  It will be interesting to see what, ultimately, comes to pass when ballots are finally cast, just as it has been so many times before when women of great strength and determination rivaled the odds.  


There are countless stories to tell the tale and yet, too many of them have been lost over time -- valuable ones worth knowing and learning from.  They say, "History is our greatest teacher."  And yet, very little is taught about women's history in our public school system unless specifically sought out.  This disappoints me.  It also disappoints mom blogger, Kathy Scott, who decided to do something about it in the form of an incredibly insightful and informative blog titled


Combining and sharing stories about women who have given us the opportunity to actually entertain the notion of a female president in 2016, fills in where our mainstream educational system falls short.  And you needn't be of the female persuasion to enjoy it.  Everyone can find something worth knowing about on Kathy's blog -- especially those of us raising future generations of women AND men.  


So, although I am sure most of us know what Betsy Ross did for this country, if you are clueless as to what Mary Wollstonecraft, Annie Londonderry or Marta Beckett did to deserve a few paragraphs next to their names as well, I'd suggest you become the 1001th girlfriend to join Kathy Scott's fold and take note of the interview below as well as her wildly enlightened blog. Who knows what lie ahead for you given you indulge in a history lesson of this caliber and making?


What is your full name?

Kathy Scott


Where do you live?

Atlanta, GA


How many children do you have?

One daughter


If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?



What is your personal mantra?

Give a damn. Many damns. More damns than anyone.


Do you believe you have a “life’s purpose?” If so, share it. 

I grew up in a fabulous, chaotic, depressive, energetic, combative loving home. Every

single influential woman in my life was powerful in their own way. My mother could slay



My parents died within a year of each other almost 20 years ago and there is

nothing more terrifying than being an orphan, even at the age of 30, but it also provides

clarity. My parents were extremely generous, not overtly though; they cared for others in

ways only those close to them would see. I remember visiting my grandmother in

Ireland and the minute I walked in, she complimented me on my purse. I was 14. Within

seconds, my mother turned and whispered, “Give her your purse.” Now I look back and

laugh, but you should have seen the look on my grandmother’s face when I gave her

my purse. I did the same thing to my daughter as she was growing up.


For me, life’s purpose is how we grow inside from the kindness we offer to others. Maya Angelou said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Tell us about you and your life.

I’m a digital strategist so I love the opportunities now available to get our messages out. We are a family of runners. I’ve been married 22 years to a man that still makes me makes me laugh out loud. I’m usually working on some writing project and always trying to save the world from itself, much to the dismay of my loved ones who would like me to retire and put away my petitions.


Finish this sentence, “The best part about being a mom is... being her mom.”


How long have you been blogging for? Do you blog for any group blogs or

websites beyond your own?

I’ve been blogging for about six years. I have my own and I have guest blogged for some. I have several articles on and I really enjoyed working with Melissa Stewart.


What is the name of your blog?  When was it launched? and I launched in 2010 (I think).


Share with us the significance of the name of your blog to you. How did you

come up with it?

I have been very fortunate to have great GIRLFRIENDS and my AXO sorority

sisters have really been perhaps the most influential when it came to the name. If

I asked for help, they wouldn’t hesitate. When I started the Facebook page, they

were the ones encouraging me and helped me grow it. It’s a celebration of the

power of women untied.


What is the primary focus of your blog?

I focus on women, women’s history, politics, anything to do with how we live.


What makes your blog unique?

I like to include historic pieces about women that changed the world; many are

lost to time, like Marian Anderson and Fannie Lou Hamer. I want to educate others

on who these unlikely heroes were and what they accomplished.


Are you a Brand Ambassador and if so, for which companies?

I partnered with the Mom’s Clean Air Group some time ago.


Beyond your blog, do you engage in other social media outlets such as Pinterest,

Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

I love Pinterest and have some great boards on 1000Girlfriends. Even I go back to grab

some quotes. I do have a 1000Girlfriends twitter, but be aware that it is sarcastic and I

will call out the bullies or I sometimes engage with young girls who are begging for a

follow from a celeb to let them know that they are spectacular even without that follow. I

guess I give too many damns!


What is the one piece of advice you would give to moms who may be interested

in beginning a blog?

Include recipes (lol). I think there’s a niche for that don’t you? Give people what they

want and include a little about what you want to say. Balance it out with kindness and

sarcasm and that is an entertaining medium. Include guest writers as well.


Are you an entrepreneur or professional beyond your blog (and outside of being

a mom)? Please share.

I do. I have my own business and do work for several different organizations


Do you support – either formally or informally – a particular social cause?

Yes, I have been the target of an online attack from a group. I am a very strong

person that finds humor even in the most absurd, but this has really taken a toll

on me. You can’t stop the attacks, but Twitter and other social mediums need a

better way for people to contact them.


When all is said and done, what is the one thing you hope your loved ones and

those who knew you remember about you?

She did what she could.


No doubt, Kathy's life will warrant exactly how she wants to be remembered.  The question is, "Will yours?"  


It's a significant question to consider as we think about our places among today's women - their many voices, intelligence, and muscle - who are creating 'history' for future generations to review.


Think about the role you want to play and how to begin.  There is no time like the present to do so, as 'today' - and your decision - will be history soon enough.  Just ask the expert herself, Kathy Scott.  She will tell you! 



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