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KetchupMoms:  Catching Girls Up In India And Beyond


When I fell upon the blog KetchupMoms, I was taken in by the vastly interesting articles, which seemed to span everything from the health and welfare of children to political activism and commentary.  As I familiarized myself further over time, I continued to be struck by how remarkably well the co-founders of this blog merged their “right brain-left brain” thinking within this smart collaboration.  Then I met the two ladies behind KetchupMoms and I immediately understood how reflective this blog was of their relationship as well as their very different personalities, which, rather seamlessly, come together into one truly incredible venture.  


Needless-to-say, it was no surprize to me when I found out that Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma and Charu Chhitwal were sisters-in-law.  These two women are polar opposites in many respects and no one knows it better than them.  That said, they share an enormous friendship and admiration for each other, which invokes deep understanding and lots of humor between.  When speaking with them, I could not help but think how beneficial their example and wisdom could be to so many political leaders across the world and then some.  


Both mothers, Puneeta and her family live in Toronto, Canada, while Charu and her family claim India as their home. Products of strong and supportive families, themselves, while growing up, Puneeta and Charu attained enormously successful corporate careers prior to motherhood.  That tide changed, however, when children arrived as the need to fulfill a larger purpose overcame the two of them.  


Puneeta and Charu wanted to improve the world for their children and all children.  This revelation and mission particularly included the concern that they had for girls growing up in India.  Unlike their fortunate circumstances, Puneeta and Charu realized the lack of adequate support and care so many girls born in India receive throughout their growth into adulthood.  And that lack of support and care doesn’t stop when a girl reaches “womanhood.”  It continues for many and follows them to the end of their lives. It’s a reality Puneeta and Charu are determined to change through KetchupMoms.  


It is a commonality and mission handled in very different ways by these two women on this blog, but it is one that is no less important to either of them.  Is it any wonder that - when I asked each woman what her personal mantra was - each responded with statements founded upon the word “change.”


Puneeta’s mantra - “Change for the better; make a difference today...NOW!”   


Charu’s mantra - “Hate something. Change something.”


Although KetchupMoms is a blog barely out of its diapers (launched in December 2014), this new body of work most surely houses an "old soul" worth reading and following for years to come.  And I’m not alone in my thinking as KetchupMoms was recently honored by the Canadian not-for-profit social enterprise "Active For Life" as one of twenty-five recognized role models helping parents to give their children the right start to life through the development of physical literacy.  There is no doubt that the fastest way to enact permanent change is to promote literacy of all kinds.  


Needless-to-say, I’m a big fan of KetchupMoms despite the fact that “ketchup” is my least favorite condiment on the market.  I can live with that, in this case, and am even keen to invite more of it into my life in the form of this valuable mommy blog along with the complimentary appeal of its highly diverse co-founders.  I hope you will too.






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