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mommy in SPORTS

Kristen Hewitt Is A Very Good Sport


When I asked Kristen Hewitt to indulge me with an interview, I did so just as she was heading out the door on vacation with her family.  And yet, this team player didn’t so much as flinch at the timing of my request nor whether or not she could return the ball. She stepped up to the plate and smacked that sucker back so fast, she made my head spin.  


I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less coming from the mom blogger who named her blog “mommy in SPORTS”.  If anyone knows how to react during clutch-time it would be Kristen, especially as she is also a reporter for Fox Sports Sun and a mompreneur. Seems that Kristen possesses the same unique ability and talent that allowed Jim Thorpe and Jackie Robinson to play all types of games, extremely well.


Impressed, I am...and even moreso by Kristen’s unwavering commitment to keep her role as wife and mother ‘first place’!  That, alone, deserves a trophy, in my opinion, especially when the pressure is on in this competitive media world and being benched for not performing (especially as a woman) can easily happen.   


She’s an all-star with an award-winning attitude and blog.  Read about both, below.


What is your full name?

Kristen Hewitt


Where do you live?

South Florida


How many children do you have?

Two miraculous girls!


If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?



What is your personal mantra?

"Be Who You Want to Be." Seriously, my goal this year is to be fearlessly authentic. It’s not easy to be 'you', but so important for our overall health and well-being.


Do you believe you have a “life’s purpose?”  If so, share it.  

I believe we all have a purpose and mine is story-telling. I’ve been sharing stories in sports broadcasting for nearly two decades and continue to do so on Fox Sports, my blog, and with my company, mis MEDIA. I learn so much reading others’ stories and life lessons, and I love what I’ve learned along the way.


Tell us about you and your life.

I’m a mom, a television host and reporter for the Miami HEAT and the spokesperson for Neighbors 4 Neighbors on CBS4 in Miami. I’m also a writer and mompreneur.  


Finish this sentence, “The best part about being a mom is _____.”

The love. Is there anything more fulfilling that a little toddler hug? I didn’t know what love really was until I became a mom. They make me a better person every single day.


How long have you been blogging for?  Do you blog for any group blogs or websites beyond your own?

I started my blog in December of 2012 to share the story of our baby’s febrile seizure. My next entry was when I forgot my breast pump at Spring Training and chaos ensued! I also write for Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, Bundoo, Mamapedia, BonBon Break, and Mom Babble.


What is the name of your blog?  When was it launched?   

Mommy in SPORTS 


Share with us the significance of the name of your blog to you.  How did you come up with it?

Well I’m a mom, and I’m a sideline reporter for the Miami HEAT on Fox Sports Sun. Given those two realities, Mommy in SPORTS made sense!


What is the primary focus of your blog?

Parenting, Sports and Healthy Living stories. I like to share life lessons as well.


What makes your blog unique?

Besides writing about my life, and parenting, I interview athletes about parenting as well.


Tell us about your blog, including what you hope to accomplish through it.

I started mommy in SPORTS because I wanted to share the chaos working moms cope with on aregular basis.  I wanted to support them and help them to understand that that you don’t have to lose yourself when you’re a parent. I hope to continue pursuing my web show, as TV is my wheelhouse! I've worked for Fox Sports since 1998!


Are you a Brand Ambassador and if so, for which companies?

Yes! I am lucky to work with Hampton by Hilton and am a mom spokesperson for Gatorade. Both work with me on camera to present their products! You can see the Gatorade videos here.


Beyond your blog, do you engage in other social media outlets such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

Yes of course! It’s so important to engage on all levels of social media! Please see my website for my handles.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to moms who may be interested in beginning a blog?

Do what makes YOU happy! Don’t follow what everyone else is doing; find your niche -- what makes you special. If blogging starts losing it's joy and becomes too much work, take a step back. Your readers will be there when you return!


Do you support – either formally or informally – a particular social cause?

Yes I support Lauren’s Kids to help fight childhood sexual abuse. One in three girls is abused; it’s time to teach our kids that it’s OK to tell! I am also the spokesperson and television host for Neighbors 4 Neighbors


When all is said and done, what is the one thing you hope your loved ones and those who knew you remember about you?

That I lived and loved 'graciously' and with much gratitude.


No you won’t see her name in any “Hall of Fame” but we, mothers, rarely do.  MVPs don't play for the fame or recognition but for the love of the sport. And if anyone ever tells you that “motherhood” isn’t a high energy, high impact sport, cry “fowl” then send them in the direction of Kristen Hewitt and her blog.  She’ll turn the heat up on them for certain then throw an entire new playbook their way. That’ll solve it!  (Such are the benefits of being a mom and a basketball reporter covering those guys in Miami for many years!)

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