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The Crockin’ Girls: These Ladies Are Crockin’, Rockin’, And REAL!


They say that “necessity is the mother of invention.”  No doubt, Jenna Marwitz and Nicole Sparks agree. After all, it was necessity that caused these two moms from Brownwood, Texas, to begin crock potting -- having found themselves short on time and long on kids, busy husbands, active lifestyles, and a continued desire to provide delicious, nutritious meals despite.  


In August 2011, with thirty of their like-minded friends sitting in the same boat, Jenna and Nicole decided to share their crock pottin’ wealth (so to speak) through a Facebook page called The Crockin’ Girls.  They wanted to help other moms learn how beneficial and easy cooking with a crock pot could be in both time and taste.  Never in a million years did either of these delightful women expect the enormous response they received to their good intention.  


The Crockin’ Girls became an overnight sensation.  From humble beginnings to a crock pottin’ bonanza, Jenna and Nicole have hooked the entire country on crock pottin’ and, it seems, moms just can’t get enough of them.


Within a few short years, Jenna and Nicole’s crock pottin’ penchant has transformed itself into a crock pottin’ explosion -- complete with books, a magazine, numerous videos, and an array of delicious recipes that inspire hundreds-of-thousands of crock pottin’ fans to stay crockin’ for a lifetime.  It doesn’t hurt that Jenna and Nicole are two of the most gracious, down-to-earth, and exuberant people you would ever want to meet. Is it any wonder why so many fans reach out to them, directly, each day for a money-saving tidbit, a quick-meal idea or a gesture equal to that of borrowing a cup of brown sugar?  


So appealing are these two ladies and their crock pottin’ ways that they even have inspired a whole new lingo amongst their fans, based purely on crock pottin’ and fun.  You can dress crockin’ (baseball cap - a must), play crockin’, cook crockin’, and manage your entire day with a crockin’-kinda attitude that keeps family first, always, and whose values remain faith-filled, strong, and welcoming to all.  Suffice-it-to-say, expect a glass of ‘sweet tea’ and a hug if you land on either of these two ladies’ doorsteps.    

In my opinion. these Crockin’ Girls are Rockin'!  I suggest that you check them out and see what you’ve been missing.  You might also want to dust off your own crock pot and try the Crockin’ Lasagna recipe attached or found here -  I’ve been told that I will never return to my old “lasagna-making" ways once I make this dish in a crock pot.  


My gosh, if my Italian grandmother had only known.  She would have traded in her hand-cranked pasta maker for a crock pot and called it a day.  


You live and learn, I guess!


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