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What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating

Laura J. Wellington Puts The DICK Back Into Dating 


As I spent the last two and half years interviewing so many celebrities, mom influencers and more, I thought it was about time I assumed the hot seat, myself, and especially in light of the new book I have coming out on February 13, 2018 - “What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating: If He Wants You, You Will Know It” (Post Hill Press). Hey, fair is fair, right?


So I spent a few moments at a local coffee shop thinking to myself and constructing questions I would put to me given I was conducting an interview as an objective party. The following is what I came up with.  


I believe my answers will broaden my readers’ insight into who I am, both personally and professionally.  Hopefully, that expanded understanding will add to the overall experience of reading my work. If not...I got nothin’!


Share your personal mantra.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.”


Share a bit about your personal background.

I’ve lived two very different adult lives -- the one prior to age thirty-five (the age I was widowed) and the one post.  I wouldn’t trade either for the world as they have brought me to where I am today, which includes being the mother of five great kids, an award-winning children’s television creator, an accomplished entrepreneur, a well-respected blogger, the founder of THREAD MB, and the author of two books.  The latest, “What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating,” is already showing itself to be a grand success - especially among the media and across college and university campuses - prior to its official release date (February 13, 2018).


Share the story of how your new book “What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating” came about.

The book came about as a result of an impromptu conversation I had with two strangers (women) during a solo vacation I took to Amsterdam last Spring. While seated in a pub, awaiting my dinner, I overheard these two women discussing a very bad date one had experienced the night before. Certain that the woman would not be seeing this man again, I was stunned to learn that she was still contemplating such. My noticed disapproval compelled the women to draw me into their conversation and by the end of our time together, initiated the suggestion that I write a widely-needed book on the topic. My immediate reaction was to dismiss this suggestion quickly, albeit flattered, but then, after a week of through, the manner of which to write the book came about.  It was just too good not to by this point. One phone call to the right publisher (Post Hill Press) and I was off to the races, with a publication date six months from signed contracts.


Why the title?

It’s a play on the early reader series, “Dick and Jane.” As so many of us conquered the basics of reading (one  form of communication) through this series, why not conquer the basics of yet another (love) in the same way.  Plus, the word “Dick” in the manner in which I use it marks a very current way of saying that you really don’t know something.  

What can readers expect?

An edgy, appealing, informative, quick read that rides the line but never tips over it. Lots of great advice and funny.


Share the relevance to today’s dating men and women?

We live in very confusing and busy times, making dating more difficult than ever before. There is too much gray area when it comes to dating, leading to tons of disappointment, disillusionment, faulty dialogue, major missteps, misunderstandings, and loneliness. Both women and men don’t know what to do nor what the rules of the road actually are today when it comes to finding a mate. Many, actually, denounce, the very same steadfasts that would help them join forces with Mother Nature and reach their goals.  This book helps to bring clarity with regards, setting women on an unwavering and positive path towards achieving what they are looking for in both dating and relationships.


How is this book different than books similar in focus?

The delivery is highly unique and appealing, allowing for the lessons within to be heard by women ages 18-80.  It is filled with practicality without extinguishing the heart that goes along with romantic relationships.  In fact, it is this practicality that supports the romance.


How has the response been to the book so far?

Overwhelming and extremely exciting.  The book is speaking to the exact audience it was written for.  The news of its release is trending on college and university campuses nationally already as well as throughout the female population as a whole, both in the United States and also Europe.  Lots of media, social media influencers, and celebrities (like Jamie Otis of “Married At First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One” (Lifetime) and Vikki Ziegler, formerly of “Untying The Knot” (Bravo)) have come out in support of it through endorsements and coverage.  


What’s next?

Speaking engagements and interviews will occupy my time in the short run.  After that, we will see.  I already have a few irons in the fire. 


Share a social cause or cause-based organization close to your heart.

I am extremely involved in the foster care community through the Heart Gallery Of America and The Children’s Community Programs Of Connecticut. In fact, I am, currently, in the final stages of becoming a licensed foster parent and have plans to adopt a foster child(ren).  


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

As a loving mother, daughter, sister, friend and partner. Someone who lived to regret nothing, helped many, stayed true to herself, and remained in faith every step of the way.


Feel free to email me any additional questions you may have that I overlooked in the creation of this interview.  You can email any and all of them to  I will respond to each in as timely a manner as possible...which means, “Keep your shirt on and I will get back to you as fast as humanly possible!”  


In the meantime, I urge you to read the exclusive excerpt from “What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating: If He Wants You, You Will Know It”.  Chase that up with this recent interview on Better Connecticut.  You will quickly realize that this book has something for every woman if you do, especially those struggling with singlehood and facing Valentine’s Day alone yet again.  Before you choke Cupid with his own bow, order the book.  The former holds merely a short term gain, while the latter holds a lifetime of hope and possibilities.


Many thanks to...well ME...for making this interview possible


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