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Justin Timberlake, Adele & Lauren Daigle All In The Same Sentence?  

You Betcha!


When I first heard Lauren Daigle sing, I thought Adele had suddenly decided to branch out into the Christian music realm.  I was wrong but not in regards to the similarity or intensity of sound when comparing Lauren Daigle to Adele.  All you need to do is listen to the title track of Lauren’s Grammy nominated album How Can It Be to realize just how amazingly alike these ladies’ voices are.  Apparently, God couldn’t encapsulate the enormous power, passion and talent of this magnitude in just one body.  So he split it and sent half to the UK and half to Louisiana.  


Southern roots, strong faith, and a sweet character, Lauren’s voice is that of angels as is her personality.  I’m not quite sure there is a more charming or lovely young woman who’s walked the planet.  She couples these endearing qualities with a humbleness and gratefulness rather striking to behold given the nature of her gift.  Is it any wonder she has fast become one of Christian music’s brightest stars?


And to think that we might have never had the joy of hearing her sing, given the unusual disease that struck her down when she was fifteen years-old had not done so.  They say that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  No doubt, ‘they’ just might be right as Lauren insists that she probably would not have followed her dream to become a music sensation had she not spent the two years that followed searching her soul.  “Thank God for small favors,” is all I can say.


And on that note, I think you everyone reading this interview, currently, should do themselves a favor and continue doing so to the end.  Lauren’s is an inspirational story to be embraced and shared, just like her music. So read it and pass it along. Your friends will thank you regardless of religious affiliation, I assure you.


Share with us your personal mantra.

Proverb 16.9 - "Man may choose his path but the Lord directs his steps."


Struck down by an immune deficiency illness at 15 years old that kept you out of school for two years, share with us the most important way this setback changed your life?

It is incredible the many fears that arose in me during that time and how I overcame them.  “Time and accountability” has become a focus of mine. Everyday, I feel, God is using that moment in my life to chart my course. It shifted my attention from one path (medical school) to another (the arts).

I learned who God was and he taught me to listen to my heart and embrace what it was saying. “God will work all things out for the good of those who love him.”


Explain your music to someone who has never heard it before.

Soulful pop music


Why did you choose to become a Christian artist?

When I was going that period of illness in my life, I said to him that I would go into music but not Christian music and worship.  I joined this cover band thereafter, but I wasn’t fulfilled -- something was missing. Confused, I just gave it up to God.  When I did that, I heard him say to me “Go to American Idol.” So I did, and I got cut. I realized that God was teaching me the power of his presence and I figured out that my desire to sing worship needed to be fulfilled. I met a band; sang with them for a bit.  They asked me to go to a signing conference, and the lead vocalist took ill.  I stepped in, sang, ended up in Nashville (signed to Centricity Music).


Do you see your growing success and recognition as a Christian vocalist as the beginning step to a multi-faceted music career?  Your rich and interesting voice will clearly offer you alternate and additional opportunities to jump music barriers.

If God opens those doors, I will go through them.  As long as I keep my purpose pure.


Who are some of your greatest musical influences?

Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay. When I was young, my mom called our house “The Music Box.”


What do you say to people who think Christian vocalists and music is “lesser” than mainstream pop, rock, country, etc?

Back when Beethoven was writing music, he was the man writing music for the church.  People would come to the church to learn music from him.  Music was birthed from the church.  I think that still occurs today, whether or not mainstream music wants to admit that.  


Many people consider you the Christian version of Adele as your voices share very similar qualities. Do you understand why people say this and do you agree?

It took a while for me to hear that resemblance. I love and respect her music so much. She has enormous integrity. I actually took a two-year hiatus so that I could find my own sound away from Adele because of the continued comparisons and closeness of our voices.


Who was your favorite person to work with up-to-now?

My producer, Paul Mabury.


Who would you like to work with?

I would love to do a duet with Justin Timberlake.


What’s next for you?

We are currently on the Winter Jam Tour.  We are also planning a new record.


Are you involved or do you support a social cause?  Explain.

3Seams. They help women find an income stream beyond prostitution in Cambodia and create school systems in Nepal.


When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to leave a legacy of love to be left behind, so that they can see God’s hands and feet working through me.


I think Justin Timberlake would be blessed to have the opportunity to sing alongside Lauren Daigle.  If anyone out there can reach Justin, let him know about this so that we can all experience the miracle of these two performing together.  In the meantime, I am extremely thankful to have been placed in the path of Lauren Daigle and will continue to be a devout listener and avid fan of hers. I am confident her career has just begun, lucky for us!



Many thanks Lauren Daigle, Leigh Holt and Redjett for making this interview possible

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