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The Bright Side Of "Let There Be Light"


I spent the better part of this weekend in New York City, emeshed in both the very bright side of humanity - a gala helping to raise funds for a wonderful organization known as Parent-Child Home Program - and the very dark side - visiting the 911 Memorial & Museum. I was moved by both in very different ways of course.


No doubt, the back-to-back timing of these two experiences reinforced in me just how imperative it is to remind humanity of the enormous good in people as well as the hope that goes along with that good. A weekend like this past one can make that tough to do, additional black spots posted to the national ledger of insanity. How we continue to succumb to acts of terror (Houston) and sheer crazy (Senator Rand Paul) is beyond me and I am certain that I am not alone in my discouragement and outrage. 


It was on my way to seeing the movie "Let There Be Light" when I heard about both incidents. And although I can honestly tell you that I can understand the criticism that this movie has endured by seasoned film critics and do not disagree with some of it, I also appreciate and applaud the larger purpose and intention, which to me is less about proselytization and more about reminding everyone to maintain their positivity during dark hours such as these, individually and as a whole. It is here where the movie shines and it is from this place that I urge all those eager to see it, to do so.


This movie is less about perfect execution and more about the meaning found within, similar to that of which you experience at the Hallmark Channel and quite genuinely what we all need more of today, in my opinion.


View it from this vantage point and you are in for an enjoyable hour and forty minutes, I assure you. 


And for everyone who wants to know if Sean Hannity's claim is correct...that you will, indeed, shed a few tears?  I can only speak from my own experience and frankly, "I did."

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