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Why Stay At Loews Sapphire Falls Resort? Let's Begin With The Coffee


I am going to admit a real pet peeve of mine  I hate when anything gets in the way of my morning coffee, especially while I’m on vacation. That’s one of the few flubs that can actually get me agitated. And it happened...last week while staying with my son at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort.


My seven year-old and I were there to enjoy some sun, fun and relaxation. Having spent our first day at Universal Studios, I woke up groggy and anticipating another full day of activity ahead. Coffee would be my tonic. Walking over to the convenient coffee machine situated in my room, I gasped. It was missing the key ingredient - coffee. Within seconds I leapt to the phone and range the concierge. A kind apology was followed by the promise to get some coffee to me as soon as possible. To me, this meant sometime within the hour. “This will delay your entire morning,” I thought to myself, factoring in my daily run.


Disappointedly, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, then reached for a towel, an action suddenly interrupted by a diligent and speedy knock at the door. Not five minutes had gone by since I had made my distress call. The coffee arrived, plus extra -- the extra being a warm smile from a very personable staff member. I was relieved.  


As I drank my brew and gazed at my excited son, I thought to myself how ridiculous my panicked state had been especially given how attentive and considerate Loews Sapphire Falls Resort had been since our arrival. It was a top notch resort -- one of the reasons I originally chose to stay with them along with their proximity to Universal theme parks. It is also why I am now recommending them to you whether or not your ultimate intention is to soar alongside Harry Potter or have your picture taken with a giant-size transformer.


Loews Sapphire Falls Resort shows "excellence" in big and little ways from the moment your stay with them begins. They offer restaurants to suit all of your needs. Their gift shop is filled with quality merchandise. Their fitness center couldn't be better equipped or laid out. Their arcade is just enough for children to enjoy. Their staff is helpful and extremely friendly. Their pool is clean as can be, in fact the entire resort is immaculate. And guest safety takes precedence, including at the pool -- something I always, particularly, look for. If that is not enough, their brownies are mouthwatering and the size of my entire hand -- just another form of excellence to partake in as a treasured guest. By the last day of my vacation, I found myself chuckling at my own lunacy which sent me into a coffee spiral earlier that week.


Needless to say, having gotten what I came for and much more, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort will, forever, be known to me as 'the place that tamed the wild beast'. I was sad to leave but, most certainly, will be back, promising to remain human for my entire stay this time, whether or not coffee is placed in my room each day.  


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