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Loni Love: Laughter, Leadership and The Vatican


I am one of those creatures who believes that everything happens for a reason.  I stand by that belief, especially following the enormous privilege, recently, bestowed upon me in interviewing Loni Love.  You notice, I specifically chose the word “privilege” to describe my moments with Loni.  It is a word I don’t throw around lightly but it definitely describes the time I spent with her.  


Loni is an inspiration, whose unprecedented comedic talent was gifted to her by the big guy above, in my opinion, so that she may be “heard” and, in that, influence the masses in a widely needed, wholly beneficial way. A phenomenal entertainer, Loni is also immensely wise (as many of the best entertainers are) and she uses that wisdom to bring clarity to a world desperately seeking it.  In making us laugh, Loni also gives us hope - and the more she climbs the ladder of success - the more hope she places on each rung she hoists herself up on.  


Loni is one of those people you root for to climb as high as possible, I assure you, as everyone will reap the positive rewards of her doing so.  An avid humanitarian and strong supporter of women, Loni’s amazing story demonstrates the importance of “believing in yourself” and “finding the required moxie” to test those beliefs so that you may fulfill the role designated to you in ensuring a better tomorrow for all.  


She may keep us laughing on the outside, but if you really “listen” to her - both 'on and off' camera and stage - this woman’s got more goin’ on than just humor.


You’ll get what I’m talking about in reading her interview below.  She’ll have you thinking as much as laughing...without a doubt.


Please share your personal mantra.

“Show Up.”


You are a comedian, an actress, a tv host (The Real) and an author.  Explain the underlying motivation and strength you attribute to accomplishing your dreams?  Where does it come from?

Being raised in the projects in Detroit, the "hard life" I endured made me want a different and better kind of life.  Now that I have that, I want to inspire others to do the same.  


In 2013, Simon & Schuster released a book you authored titled "Love Him Or Leave Him But Don't Get Stuck With The Tab".  Was the culmination of this book, based on “personal experience?”

Yes.  It is the type of book I wished I had, had when growing up.  It’s a “No rules; No games” relationship book.  I believe that single women really need to put themselves first and then the right partners will come along.


Provide an example of one date “gone wrong” in your life and how you handled it.  

In the early stages of the  “online dating” revolution, I tried it. It was the last time I ever did.  My honesty was met with anything but.  One particular instance had me leaving my date “in the dust” after making a quick pit stop at the restroom.  My date had no idea that I had left until some time later, when I was home sipping tea in my jammies. I don’t condone lying and don’t feel the need to entertain a liar with my company.  He was a liar...end of story.


Do you believe in the institution of marriage and do “you” want to get married at some point?  

Yes.  I believe in the institution.  That said, I don’t think it is right for me.  I am a “satisfied single.” Relationships are great if you live a certain lifestyle.  As a comedian, it is tough to settle down (in marriage).  The demands are too great and you are on the road a lot.  It works for “dating” but it’s tough on marriage.


You will be hosting the upcoming Ellen DeGeneres produced “Heads Up” game show, which will debut on HLN in February 15, 2016.  You also make regular appearances spinning tunes as the house DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Explain how you and Ellen began working together.  

At one point in my career, I found myself participating in numerous projects Ellen was producing.  When her regular DJ left The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen asked me to “fill in.”  Everything began clicking from there. Ellen and I seem to share an unscripted synergy that just works. Its made us want to do more things together.


Share something about Ellen DeGeneres that you admire most of which you never told her before but feel comfortable with her (and everyone else) knowing now.   

Ellen accepts everyone, no matter what, and treats everyone “the same” -- from top name celebrities to regular people.  She’s made me a better person and professional by watching her.


Your incredible life story has been encapsulated in the documentary “Being Loni Love.”  You’ve said that you want your story to be the inspiration for other women to go out and achieve their dreams. Name one person in your life who inspires you everyday and share why.  

Michelle Obama.  I interviewed Michelle on my radio show, Cafe Mocha, and I was inspired by how she chose to craft her position as “First Lady” in her own way.  She taught me that it is OK to be different and authentic.  


Does faith play into your life and, if so, how?  

Yes, faith helps me a great deal.  I did not grow up in a very religious family.  Today, however, I study it and and lean on it.  The industry I am in is so difficult.  My faith helps me cope with the competition and rejection. It is my strength.


Who is Loni Love’s favorite comedian?  

My answer depends on my mood.  Bill Maher, Joe Machi, Kevin Hart, and Lisa Lampanelli are some of them. I can tell you that I learn from all of them, whether or not I know them personally.  I just saw Rosie O’Donnell recently -- incredible!  


How will you be spending this Christmas?  

I’m living a dream I have had ever since I was a little girl. I will be spending Christmas in Europe, specifically, at the Vatican. I can’t wait!


Are you actively involved or support a social cause?  

I focus on helping women’s groups -- all kinds.  From battered women to those eager to launch their own businesses, my goal is to inspire women to better themselves and live the lives they deserve.    


When “all” is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?  

I want people to say “She made me laugh.  She inspired me!”


I can’t imagine anyone saying otherwise.  Loni merely walks into a room and inspires.  The Vatican will, surely, shine a bit more brightly at Christmas this year with Loni Love being there.  It is a wonderfully understandable pairing and spiritual “coming home” for both, I am certain.  All I can say is,”If Loni runs into the Pope while there, he’d better get ready to laugh!”   



Many thanks to Loni Love and Ken Phillips Publicity Group for making this interview possible


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