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April 29th

Margaret Cho Demystifies The 'American Myth' Through Her New Album


Many of you know Margaret Cho and her array of accomplishments and accolades.  Well, this talented comedian, television host, and multi Grammy and Emmy award nominee has added one more skill to her list -- that of "songwriter."  Yup, you heard it here first, folks (or maybe second, given the excitement around her new album American Myth in which she penned with longtime collaborator Garrison Starr).


American Myth will be available for your listening pleasure on April 29th through Clownery Records but don’t get the impression that Margaret Cho is clowning around in her efforts to entertain you while fighting for the underdog.  She never does...nor any dog for that matter.  


A strong advocate and supporter of “all walks of life,” especially those who may go unrecognized or disrespected by what society would term “mainstream,” Margaret Cho is not content to overlook the value found in the differences within humanity or the dog world.  Just as much a canine lover as a people lover, Margaret Cho has composed American Myth to be a tribute to the values she holds dear and she uses her comedy to push her points home.       


The album is pure Margaret Cho at her finest as is her interview below.  I’d suggest you read it if you want to learn more about the lady who is just as much a voice of hope and future as she is a laugh a minute.  This enormously sweet and incredibly courageous and gifted lady will wow you.


What is your personal mantra?

Never stop.  


You worked as a composer on your newest album American Myth.  What was the the biggest surprise about composing that you never knew till you did it?

Composing is very internal.  Your head drives you.


What’s the biggest American Myth currently, in your opinion?

The myth of being too beautiful to exist.  


You seem to push boundaries in all realms of entertainment.  Do you do so to enact needed change or to purely entertain? Is there a deeper meaning behind?

There is always a deeper meaning behind.  I feel very devoted to various causes -- LGBT rights, women’s rights, etc, and it shows in my work.  


What’s the big dream you are working towards?

Equality.  Justice.  


What’s the “it” you had to let go of in order to thrust yourself fully onto your current path?

I had to let go of thinking that I am not good enough.  I let go of fear.  


What’s the one question you’ve always wanted to answer but no one has ever asked?  Ask and answer it.

“What do you love most in your life?” My two dogs - Ralph and Bronyn.  They are rescue dogs.  


Where does your faith lie?

My faith lies in good people. It is not necessarily a faith originating from ‘religion’ but from the hope and unity that humanity perpetuates.


If you could, who would you trade places with in a heartbeat?

I’m not sure.  I love my life so much, although, it might have been exciting to be Cleopatra.


What’s your favorite song on American Myth?

Anna Nicole -- a beautiful song about a beautiful person.  It is her “Candle In The Wind”.   


Share a social cause or cause-based organization that is close to your heart.

I do a lot of work with the homeless.  I am also committed to helping rescue dogs find homes.  Last year, while on tour, I had rescue organizations join me in order to generate adoptions.  All of the dogs that were available through these organizations, were adopted as a result.


When “all” is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

As a good artist.


Not only did I find Margaret Cho to be “nice" beyond compare throughout our discussion, but I also found her to be uniquely grateful for every step she has taken along the way.  As funny as this impressive lady is, Margaret Cho takes certain aspects of life quite seriously, including her role as the champion of the underdog.   


We need more voices like hers to speak loudly and albums like American Myth to carry forth the 'acceptability' of all that continues to be long overdue.


Many thanks to Margaret Cho and and Ken Phillips Publicity Group for making this interview possible 


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