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Michelle Pearson Uses Youtube To Help Moms 

Coping With Depression


Michelle Pearson is an endearing soul whose honesty about her bouts with depression and postpartum depression is easing the pain and providing hope for many mothers who suffer the same challenges.  Frankly, depression - of any sort - can be extraordinarily overwhelming and frightening.  It can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless.  Most women suffer from it, at least, sometime throughout their lives.  I can promise you, the few occasions I’ve done so have left me enormously empathetic to those who experience it regularly.  


As I am neither a physician nor a psychologist, I can’t speak to depression beyond layman’s terms and understanding.  What I can speak to is how challenging depression can be for those affected by it and to the loved ones who are also impacted. So too, can I speak to the good in Michelle’s demeanor, life and message in endeavoring to bring clarity and support to her Youtube channel followers about the topic.


A mom who, by society’s standards, has it all, this woman is changing society’s traditional picture of what depression actually looks like to reflect the truth as it actually exists.  I applaud her in this which is the reason I have chosen to share her Youtube channel with you through this week’s Spotlight.  Her’s is a life filled with adventure, happiness, and family -- one in which you would think would ward off any sign of depression.  And yet, here in lies the irony of this illness and the crux of Michelle’s most selfless personal and professional goals -- to remove the guilt, shame and taboo nature of depression among women, one I am hoping the following interview will help as well.


What is your personal mantra?

“Your biggest contribution may not be something that you do, but someone that you raise.”


Share with us some of your personal background story?

I grew up in a bi-racial home -- one of four children.  My mom is from Thailand.  My dad is American.  I spent the first part of my childhood living in Saudi Arabia. I moved to the United States when I was twelve years old.  Because of how I grew up, I now love to travel.  Once I graduated from college, I served on a mission for my church.  I am a Mormon.  The mission took me to the Ukraine, where I met my husband, Brad Pearson. Unexpectedly, Brad was also a Mormon and spoke fluent Russian, like myself.  We hit it off. Today, we are happily married, with three kids to speak of --  two boys and one girl.  I have chosen to remain at home to raise our children while jumping into the mommy vlogging world.  


Describe yourself in one word.



What is the name of your Youtube Channel?  



What is the focus of your Youtube videos?  

All aspects of being a mom.  My videos are devised to inspire and motivate. I recently began sharing my issues with depression and postpartum depression through it as well, along with my therapy for both.  My followers’ response was overwhelming. In my anxiety and honesty, I comforted many.  'Authenticity' is the key.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My everyday life.  I always think to myself, “What would make me feel good today” and that is what I do a video on.  


Describe your professional journey that led you to today.

Prior to becoming a mom, I helped my own mother in our family-owned Thai restaurant located in Sandy, Utah. I learned to become an entrepreneur from my mom, who opened the restaurant while I was away on my church mission.


How do you balance family and work?

I try to schedule when I work around my children’s and husband’s schedules -- late at night or early in the morning.  I keep my family first.  


What do you do for yourself that keeps you together?

I love me a good bath!!!!


Share with us a social cause that you support, either formally or informally.  Explain.

I am very involved in my church -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I’ve become involved with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as well.


How do you want to be remembered.

That I always made people happier when they were around me.  


To understand how serious and vulnerable Michelle is willing to become to inspire happiness and self-acceptance in others whether coping with depression or not - see this video.  It is not easy to bare one’s soul to the public or be so deeply honest with yourself.  Both take enormous courage to do.  

I’ve heard that one of the best ways to help overcome depression is to remove the frustration that goes along with feeling unable to to act -- to better the situation.  If this is true, then Michelle is, no doubt, doing everything in her power to be the role model so many others need. She has chosen to share the solution through her Youtube channel as readily as she has shared her problem.  No small miracle that this mommy vlogger has become so wildly popular, now is it?   

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