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Heather Armstrong:  The Age Of Happy


She began as a woman who merely wanted something of her own at a time when little was known about blogging by most.   However, a chance encounter with a few early blogs led Heather Armstrong to forge a career and a blog few haven’t heard of.  

After fourteen years of “moving” readers, Dooce is still one of the most popular mommy blogs around. And despite the recent announcement made by Heather revealing the future of Dooce in combination with new pursuits and a bit of blogger “burn-out,” I hasten to think that the millions of fans that follow Dooce daily, won’t be abandoning the blog or Heather any time soon.  No doubt, there is an allegiance between blogger and reader that can’t easily be shaken away.  


At the center of this unwavering relationship is Heather’s highly authentic nature and unyielding openness.  Heather has shared her life with her readers with, admittedly, very little left untold.  From her trials and tribulations as a mother and wife, her severe bouts with depression, the breakdown of her marriage, her divorce from religion, and so on, Heather kept the welcome mat outside her door through it all.  And, in doing so, she befriended and helped many.


Needless-to-say, Heather isn’t rolling up that mat anytime soon despite a shift in roles.  Heather’s new direction won’t take her too far away from her blogging roots.  They will, however, allow her to help other mom bloggers in a ways that open the door to self-fulfillment, challenge, and personal happiness -- hard won victories governed by years of selfless giving and equal amounts of learning.   


“I’ve come to a point  in my life where I approach everything with the following words in mind -- Will this make me happy?  I’ve learned that life is way too short to live unhappy.”


Sounds like the wisdom of a woman who has come into her own, if you ask me.  As such, it is not uncommon, during a stage such as this, to transition from “pupil to teacher.”  With Heather embracing the opportunity to consult, speak, and educate through an upcoming podcast she and a highly skilled team of producers are currently developing, Heather is merging the best of both worlds youth and maturity can provide in the form of authenticity and personal happiness.  


Invigorated and undertaking some monumental evolutionary steps in her life, Heather also continues to make room in her busy schedule to participate on the board of an important cause and organization, Every Mother Counts.  Founded by Super Model and entrepreneur, Christy Turlington, Every Mother Counts fights for women’s rights for optimal childbirth practices and medical care.  


Having become acutely aware of the vast injustices suffered by countless pregnant women while she, herself, was pregnant with her second daughter, Heather decided to act.   She has since continued to do so through her “hands on” involvement in Every Mother Counts and the dogged mentality she puts forth to ensure that all women receive the birthing care and medical attention they deserve.  Makes sense that a woman who nearly birthed an entire industry on her own would take up the charge of fighting for other women’s birthing rights, don’t you think?


Suffice-it-to-say, Heather may be a Mormon no more but in my book, this woman is a Mensch or possibly a Saint.  Is it any wonder why her fans adore her?  


A rhetorical question for sure, but something to think about when considering what is truly important -- both in blogging and in life.


Yet another lesson from the book (and blog) of Heather Armstrong.  The woman has been on a roll for fourteen years now.  I look forward to seeing it continue through all of her future endeavors.



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