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Photo Credit: FYI Network

'Happiness' Rings Loudly For Monet Bell


There is no doubt that the summer season - June, July and August - is the most popular time for weddings throughout the year.  Just try to book a religious institution or reception venue during these months without giving two years notice, and see what happens. The odds will be far from in your favor, not unlike the odds of finding your soul mate and future hubby in the first place with each year that goes by.  Ask ANY single woman whose mother is desperately eager for grandkids.  She will tell you.  Or watch television, specifically FYI Network, who has done a wonderful job of bringing this reality to light through a variety of highly successful series, featuring couples and singles who have placed ‘marriage’ at the top of their priority lists.


Monet Bell happens to be one of those women, whose interest in meeting the 'man of her dreams' began on the hit show Married At First Sight and has continue on through #BlackLove. Hey, for most of us, finding Prince Charming doesn’t happen overnight, especially in today’s stressed out, fast paced world, where the rules of romantic engagement have changed along with everything else women and men once understood about love and ‘happily ever after.’


A hopeless romantic, myself, however, who’s never been one to pay any real credence to “odds” so to speak - having become experienced at life and well ‘reality’ in the true sense of the word - I felt compelled to reach out to Monet Bell to see how she was coming along with hers. Needless-to-say, I walked away from our interview extremely impressed by this young lady.  Sound, solid, and optimistic, Monet is as thoughtful an artist in her own life with regards to relationships, marriage and future as like-named Monet is to canvas.  I’d suggest you read her interview below to compare.  


What is your personal mantra?

I'm not sure if this a mantra, but more of a prayer -- the Serenity Prayer. It's a prayer that is calming to me. It reminds me that there will be things in life I cannot control or change. My desire is to know the difference.


Answer this question, "I wish I could find a man exactly like..." 

This is a hard question. There are characteristics in men that I wish I could find combined in one Things like my father's honesty; Dwayne Wayne's (a fictional character from the show A Different World) intelligence, strength and ability to demonstrate love; Russell Wilson's consideration and support of his fiance; Denzel Washington's loyalty to his wife -- a true man's man. I love when I see him with his wife. I wish I had a man who was a good team mate. I need a man who is a gentlemen and is considerate. I need a man who wants to make sure I know he loves me and values me. I need a partner who is committed to us.


In a world full of single, young men and women with the increased ability to connect and meet through the use of technology and alternative means more than ever before, why do you believe it is so difficult to meet a mate today?

I think it's a combination of people having unrealistic expectations and not knowing what their 'deal breakers' are. I hear people say all the time, "Women/Men don't know what they want these days." I don't think that's really the problem. I think that we DO know what we want. What we don't truly understand is what we NEED. There is a big difference between wants and needs. I think knowing one's needs (deal breakers) is more vital to a successful relationship, than knowing one's wants. I want a man that is tall. I need a man that respects me. The difference is that the man that respects me might not be tall.  My need is more important than my want.


What was the biggest lesson you learned from your experience on "Married At First Sight?"

I would never marry again unless I was in love.  


Share what you most admire about each of the other participants who joined you on the first season of 'Married At First Sight," including the experts.

Cortney, her honesty. Jamie, her determination. Jason, his dedication. Doug, his commitment. Vaughn, his candor. Greg, his compassion. Dr. Pepper, her patience. Dr.Logan, her think outside the box mindset. Dr. Joseph, his work ethic


What is something new you've learned in your participation in #Blackove" that you would not have known otherwise?

How important it is to identify what motivates me. How important it is to know what my needs are. How important it is to be good with who I am as a woman.


Do you believe that some people are just meant not to get married?

I don't think marriage is something I would look at as being "meant" to be. I think marriage is a choice.  I know who I am as a woman and I know that when the time is right, I will meet the right man and make the right choice.


Share with us something important about you that you want others to know, which has yet to be revealed.

I am a huge supporter of going to therapy. I was in therapy to deal with my grief when my father passed away. I have been in therapy to work on forgiveness. I know that going to therapy has helped me moved forward with issues from my past. I think it's something that is healthy and on-going. I am a person who isn't afraid to ask for help when I need it. Some of the hurts that happen in life you can't work through on your own. I was able to recognize that in my self and then seek the support I needed. 


Describe your vision of "you" ten years from now.

I will still be a happy woman. I will be in a marriage that is healthy, considerate, loving, and respectful. He and I will be great partners; we will raise our children. I will continue to grow and work on myself. My business will be successful and thriving. My dream is to have my sports wear collection on QVC and/or HSN.


What, do you believe, is your life's purpose?

I think God uses me as a vessel to give hope and empower people. I recognize that I am a very compassionate person and naturally welcoming. I see value in people that they don't see in themselves. I want to inspire people to consider others more. "Pay it forward"


Do you support or are you involved in a particular social cause or cause-based organization you can share with us? 

I am a supporter of Planned Parenthood.  I also volunteer with youth organizations such at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol. I think it is very important to expose the youth to unconventional career paths.  


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

As a woman who was kind, fearless, empowered, intelligent, humble, compassionate, joyful, tolerant, nurturing, a Christian, and loving.  Oh and one more thing...fashionable. (Big Smile)!


How can you not root for this young woman all the way to the alter?  My gosh, she has me hoping that I will be sitting in the pew the day some lucky gentleman enjoys the privilege of accepting her hand.  


With standards held high, intelligence to guide her and a warm heart to speak, Monet Bell has all the makings for a happy life and successful marriage if she chooses it to be so.  In the meantime, I am confident she has enough to keep her occupied until that day comes.  The lady’s career is booming at every turn, which poses the larger question of whether or not Monet Bell will actually have time to consider proper candidates for marriage, let alone, actually 'tie the knot' -- a good problem to have.  I guess time will tell and her countless fans will hear about it when it does...including me!  

Many thanks to Monet Bell and Kinetic Content for making this interview possible

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