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September 8, 2015    Official Launch Of THREAD M.B. - Yahoo Finance Press Announcement



October 6, 2016          Dr. Ben Carson Addresses Concerns For 44 Million Moms (Yahoo Finance)


December 1, 2015      Enter To Win A Bottle Of Wine While Viewing THREAD MB Ceo 

                                        Laura Wellington Talk "Social Cause" Entrepreneurship (Yahoo Finance)

February 2, 2016        THREAD MB Given 'Thumbs Up' by (Broadway World)

February 9, 2016        Experts Weigh In: Why do you love your business (MyCorporation)

April 6, 2016                Kristin Davis Discusses How The Decimation Of Elephants Is Funding Terrorism

                                        (Yahoo Finance

April 12, 2016              Laura Wellington Discusses The Death Of Her Husband Bringing Life To

                                       Thread MB (Thirdeyemom)

May 19, 2016               "Prince Took His Time Crossing-Over," according to Celebrity Psychic Medium

                                        Thomas John (Yahoo Finance)

June 7, 2016                 THREAD MB And Pakistani Mom Blogger Come Together In Its Anniversary

                                        Edition (Yahoo Finance)

August 31, 2016          Laura Wellington, Founder And Editor, THREAD MB: Supporting Widows,

                                        Mothers and Families (New York Nonprofit Media)

September 7, 2016     Evan McMullin Talks Topic-based "Turkey" With THREAD MB (Yahoo Finance)

October 3, 2016           Laura Wellington Featured In Petra Azar Jewelry Commercial (Yahoo Finance)

November 15, 2016    Open Letter To President Elect Donald J. Trump (Yahoo Finance)

January 18, 2017         Entrepreneur Magazine's Former Editor-in-Chief 'Amy Cosper' Shares All With

                                        THREAD MB (CBS8)

January 31, 2017         Syrian American Medical Society Speaks Syria, Suffering and Social Impact with

                                        THREAD MB  (Yahoo Finance)

September 13, 2017   How Chance The Rapper Gave One Gravely Ill Teenager A Fighting Chance

                                         (Yahoo Finance)

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