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Hunker Down With An Old Movie This Holiday Season!


As most of us New Englanders were trapped under a flood of water descending from the sky Halloween weekend, my family and I took shelter in our humble abode on home-made pie and old movies. Yes, my Xfinity-Comcast account took a beating and no doubt, will continue to given the winter season ahead.


Frankly, I love watching movies with the kids but to be honest, I’ve grown a bit weary of having to cover my youngest child’s eyes midstream during an interesting movie so as to keep him from viewing moments I’d rather he not see. I’ve also groan disenchanted by how obvious and out-there everything is in today’s movies. Little is left to the imagination unlike movies produced from days gone by, an era when half the story was told by what was actually left unsaid. And then there is the cost. A family of four can easily spend $60-70 for one movie before dinner.


It is for these reasons as well as that nasty brain freeze we all suffer when eager to watch a good movie only to come up short with options, that I have listed below titles of some wonderful old movies that you can watch at home on one of those days when your couch and pajamas look better than anything outside could. Or during those instances when you feel the need to be thrifty in light of those holiday gifts you need to by everyone on your list. Believe me, you won’t be alone on those days.


Here are some options:


1. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

2. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

3. Heaven Can Wait

4. "Oh God!"

5. The Bishop’s Wife

6. Northanger Abbey

7. Laura

8. The Great Lie

9. “All This And Heaven Too”

10. The Little Foxes

11. People Will Talk

12. Little Women

13. Adam’s Rib


15. Tea For Two


Most of these suggestions originated in the 1950’s or earlier with three, originating no later than 1978. What they all share are wonderfully interesting and rich storylines that will stay with you long after these movies stop rolling.   


Whether just you, you and a companion or you, your hubby and the kids, the dynamic makes no difference. The viewing will be great and so will the price. Some of these movies cost as little as $2.99 to download. That and a bowl of popcorn (maybe a couple of glasses of wine for the 18 and older crowd) makes for a very inexpensive, fun affair for all.  


SO go ahead and make the most of the cold days to come without any worry of what to do.  You now have fifteen more answers to that question than you did before compliments of me and a washed-out weekend in Connecticut.


It’s called making lemonade out of lemons or in this case a fun time out of a boring afternoon or evening!


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