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ONEHOPE Wine Ignites “Hope” Through Every Bottle Sold


“We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.” -- Winston Churchill


It is my belief that God, sometimes, throws opportunities into writer’s hands.  I feel this way about ONEHOPE Wine.  The timing and mission of this company couldn’t be more appropriate for the holidays, and yet, this is the type of company that you want more companies to mimic everyday.  


This company has figured out how to build itself upon making the lives of others better.  At the center of it is “wine” but not ordinary wine -- wine with a purpose. With every bottle purchased there is a social cause being helped, bringing all of us one step closer to a better tomorrow.


Underscored by savvy marketing initiatives, which allow the profits from sales to inspire future growth and more helping, ONEHOPE Wine is a means for wine lovers, hosts, and guests alike to add to the many Christmas and New Year’s celebrations knowing that their beverage purchases picked up the spirits of more than just themselves or those directly surrounding them.  For the many  who want to do even more for humanity, the planet and otherwise, ONEHOPE Wine’s "viaONEHOPE" program expands their opportunity to do so even further in clever ways that don’t forget the selfless nature of the do-gooders throughout the process.  


As Katie Allen, Vice President of viaONEHOPE, stated when she quoted her company’s Ceo, Jake Kloberdanz, “We are in the fundraising business and our vehicle is wine.”


That’s a great business to be in and certainly one that warrants as much of our support as possible. Enjoy getting to know ONEHOPE Wine and find time to view their selection at Amazon and a host of other online and traditional vendors.  Their award-winning choices won’t disappoint nor will “you” as you help to lighten the hearts of so many in need through your purchases.


ONEHOPE Wine was founded by whom?

There are eight founders:  Tom Leahy, Blake Petty, Jake Kloberdanz, Sarah McPeake, Kristen Shroyer, Tiffany Wojtkiewicz, and Brandon Hall.


Did any of the eight founders arrive with a “wine” background?  

Yes, all of the founders met while working for Gallo.  


What was the founders’ overall mission which led to this company coming about?  Is this mission still the same eight years later?  

The founders’ mission is still true today. While working for Gallo, Jake Kloberdanz, Ceo, faced the trials of Cancer through a friend. The enormous impact this reality had on him caused him to begin coming up with plans in which to help his friend, financially and otherwise.  Jake would, quickly, realize that what the wine industry lacked was a brand that built itself on “giving back” by helping others such as his friend.  This company became that brand. ONEHOPE Wine’s mission is to have the biggest impact and make the biggest difference through our products.  


ONEHOPE Wine has had an extremely aggressive and successful emergence and growth trajectory, with countless medals and citations to speak and an expansion model that includes becoming the number one selling wine brand out of over 10,000 on Amazon Wines. How does one go from selling 168 cases of wine out of the trunk of a car in 2007 to being a notable wine name in 2015?  

A lot of hustle.  This company is a “passion project” for all of us on the team. Every one of the founders is very involved in the business.  Once the company landed its first account, we grew through word of mouth.  We don’t spend any money on advertising as we want to keep the brand and mission, pure.  It’s our genuine desire to “help" that has propelled our trajectory and success.  “Doing good” and “giving back” is contagious. And our wine is fabulous.  The quality stands up to the mission.  Rob Mondavi Jr. oversees all of our “wine-making” for us.  


A large part of this lifestyle brand is “giving back.”  As such, ONEHOPE has funded countless social-cause “relief” efforts, everything from the support of “pet adoptions” to eradicating “childhood hunger” and many, many more programs.  Explain why “making a difference” in this way is so important to the ONEHOPE founders, team, and brand?

Jake came from a very tightly knit family who grew up in a familial culture of “giving back.” He also grew up with a ton of sisters and a close relationship with his mom.  Those relationships shaped his “sensitive-empathetic side” to be enormous.  He possesses a very helpful, socially concerned nature and tends to be highly entrepreneurial.  This combination allows him to take a solid, practical approach to helping the world.  The programs he comes up with are quite clever.  He says his “viaONEHope”  program is the adult version of selling girl scout cookies.  


Explain your “viaONEHOPE” program, including the goals and hopes associated with it? viaONEHOPE is our brand ambassador program which allows us to sell wine to brand ambassadors at a discount.  These brand ambassadors carry out personal wine tasting events and make money while doing it.  We currently have 600 brand ambassadors, many of them moms who are looking to earn a second income or replace a lost income. It’s a fun way of spending time with friends over a glass of wine while expanding sales associated with the brand in a natural way.  ONEHOPE Wine also donates a percentage of each of these sales to local causes designated by the brand ambassadors, themselves.  


How involved is Rob Mondavi Jr. in the company?  

Rob Mondavi Jr. oversees all wine-making for us in a collaborative manner.  We just purchased our very own Napa Valley Vineyard.


If I go out and buy a bottle of ONEHOPE wine, how much of what I spend will go to helping a designated social cause?

Half of the profits from the sale of a bottle of wine is donated to the particular cause attached to that bottle.


What is your top seller in red and in white?  

Chardonnay, partnered with Gateway for Cancer Research and Cabernet Sauvignon, partnered with ACT Today.  


What do you say to the individual who believes that “giving back” is a waste of time given the overwhelming circumstances this world faces today?  

Take a step back, and even if there are causes that you don’t care about, take it down to a human level. Remember when you were a kid.  What if no one took care of you?  Now that you are a grown adult, it’s your turn to help.  Your efforts inspire others efforts and a better world if you help.  


You seem to have larger goals than just wine.  Share some “big picture” goals of ONEHOPE with me.

We are growing like crazy, including a facility in Napa which hosts eight suites and a tasting room. The expansion of our viaONEHOPE program continues to be a priority, including a recent partnership with Virgin Atlantic.  Ultimately, we want to “Keep humble, be thankful, and remain true to our mission of giving back and impacting for good.”    


As wine has always been part of the celebrations of the season, tithing while going about your normal holiday practices transforms ordinary to extraordinary -- like adding a bit of rum to egg nog.  You can’t go wrong in taking that extra step or the one that spells out ONEHOPE Wine for every holiday celebration, get-together, and meal. Now, buying any other wine seems a bit senseless knowing the mission and masterful quality ONEHOPE Wines has to offer. It’s “Goodness” bottled for all the right reasons -- built on hope and inspiring hope...everyday!  


Many thanks to Katie Allen and ONEHOPE Wine for making this interview possible



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