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Piaf! The Show 'Enthralling'.  Anne Carrere 'Captivating'.


I have attended a variety of performances at Carnegie Hall over the years, and I have enjoyed every one of them.  Afterall, the exquisite venue invites magic in through its doors, regularly.   However, this past Friday evening, Carnegie Hall out-did itself with the help of Anne Carrere and Piaf! The Show.  


From 'beginning to end', I found myself completely enthralled with the passionate and powerful vocals of Anne Carrere.  Her genuine love and appreciation for Edith Piaf and the music she left behind could not have been more apparent nor could her affection for her support cast or gratefulness to director-producer Gil Marsalla for casting her in the show.  Anne Carrere is "lovely" and Piaf! The Show, simply "magnificent".


What's more, the manner in which the performance unfolded and captivated the audience for the entire two hours it took place was masterful.  The stage remained understated throughout -- enhanced only by a few befitting props as well as an unending flow of black and white images of Paris and Piaf reflected upon the back wall of the stage.  The combination revealed the work of a seasoned and enormously talented theatrical genius. 


And if experiencing the opportunity to become entirely consumed by timeless Cabaret and enthralling photos wasn't enough, the humor woven into the conclusion of Piaf! The Show, undoubtedly, drove the entire audience to its feet in avid applause.  The "sold out" performance was, literally, beguiling.


Needless-to-say, if you have the fortunate opportunity to attend Piaf! The Show, I strongly recommend that you do.  Whether you are a 'Cabaret aficianado or novice, French-speaking or not' makes little difference. It's a memorable, moving performance under any circumstances...I assure you.   


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