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Open Letter To President Elect Donald J. Trump


Dear President Elect Donald J. Trump,


I wanted to congratulate you on your unprecedented victory.  You have reminded the world that anything is possible as a citizen of the United States;  


You’ve reminded us that being overconfident can be your worst enemy and quickest route to defeat;


You’ve reminded us that history repeats itself and pendulums swing both ways and absolutely will when pushed too far to one side or another;  


You’ve reminded us that mistakes can be forgiven but poor choices can’t without consequence;


You’ve reminded us of the power of silence and listening;  


You’ve reminded us to ‘never give up’ but to dig your heels in deeper when all odds are against you;


You’ve reminded some of us of the importance of remaining true to the craft we’ve committed to, including all of the ideals and character required of us that might have been forgotten along the way;


You’ve reminded us that, Republican or Democrat, certain principles will always hold true regardless of party, person or circumstance;


And you’ve reminded us of the importance of grace in victory.


So, President Elect Donald J. Trump, you have reminded us of a lot in this victory.  As you’ve “Trumped” all the odds by staying true to basic principles, may you continue to do so on behalf of every American who is now counting on you to “make America great again.”


God Bless You And Our Nation.


Laura J. Wellington





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