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Robert Redford Inspires 'Family & Story' At Sundance Mountain Resort


Summertime is the season of “re-connection” -- reconnecting with your family, with your playful and relaxed side, with the great outdoors.  At no other time throughout the year do we exchange “business” and “responsibility” for “relaxation” and “fun” in the way that we do when those long-awaited three months of June, July and August hit. The urge to explore, pamper, and laugh surge, literally, takes over. For many individuals and families this means “travel,” whether that mean short treks to the movies to see adventurous tales like Disney’s Pete’s Dragon (in theaters August 12, 2016) or more extensive getaways.  For families like mine, it means finding the absolute right balance between art, exercise, scenic views and a heck of a good foot massage. And if the guy who owns the joint just happens to be famous, well, that undoubtedly makes our stay a bit more interesting to me (for obvious reasons).


I don’t know a more perfect match to my list of criteria than Robert Redford’s Sundance Mountain Resort, especially after learning how the resort came about along with what this particular spot, ultimately, means to Robert Redford, his family and the entire team running the resort.  


Sundance Mountain Resort is far from being just 'one' of many selections on Expedia or Travelzoo.  It is part of a rich and interesting story defining Robert Redford’s beliefs and life -- a spiritual sanctuary where you and your family can go to “reconnect” while realizing yet another side to a man whose vision has both impacted and shaped the film industry and our culture in so many ways.  Take a few moments to watch the video here or above to fully understand the beating heart of Sundance Mountain Resort as explained by Robert Redford, himself.  Then continue on by allowing Joshua Wartena, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Sundance Mountain Resort, to explain the ins-and-outs of what to expect when you arrive.


Who owns Sundance Mountain Resort?

Robert Redford


Did Robert Redford build it or acquire it?

In 1969, Robert Redford bought the land that is now known as Sundance.


What can guests expect from the resort that make this location unique and appealing?

Sundance Mountain Resort is an area rich in history and storytelling. We strive for conservation and a rustic elegance unique to the resort. In addition to the ambiance, Sundance also has a thriving community -- with theatre, concerts and historical showcases. Additionally, the mountain activities are year-round -- with skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and one of the longest/largest zip lines in the country.


Share some of the highlights of the surrounding area.

Sundance is nestled at the base on Mt. Timpanogos (up the North Fork of Provo Canyon). There is a thriving local music and theatre scene and the property is located just an hour away from Salt Lake City -- the state Capitol.


When is the best time of year to visit the location? 

Because the Resort offers year-round activities, the optimal time of year depends on the guest! Those looking for winter adventure will love the skiing, snowshoeing and private cabins in the snow. Guests preferring the warmer weather are able to enjoy concerts on the mountain, access to 25+ miles of trails and many other outdoor activities.


How far in advance should a guest book under normal circumstance?

For non-peak times, we recommend booking within 2 months.


How far in advance should a guest book when desiring a room for the Sundance Film Festival?

For the Film Festival we recommend 9-12 months in advance.


How close is the resort to an airport?

Just under an hour (55 min).


Finish this sentence, “This is not the location for you if you are looking for____________.”

A fast-paced resort or ultra-modern style vacation.


No doubt, there are lots of places you and your kiddies can tromp around and have a good time, but if the need for a “meaningful experience” heads your list of vacation criteria, might I suggest picking up the phone and dialing the folks at Sundance Mountain Resort. You are sure to have a memorable time.  And even though you probably won’t have the opportunity to meet Robert Redford during your stay, you will know he is there.  He’s in every wall, every plate, every tree, every smile....and he might even be in a local theater near the resort given you go during mid-August 2016 to see Pete's Dragon with your little one. He plays the old wood carver named Mr. Meacham -- rather perfect given his love, respect, and penchant for the great outdoors.

Many thanks to Robert Redford, Joshua Wartena and Sundance Mountain Resort for making this interview possible

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