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Sharzad Kiadeh Brings More To Your Life Than Just Luxury



I can’t think of a more fun personality to fuel your holiday spirit than Sharzad Kiadeh.  This blogger, Youtube personality, and hostess-with-the-mostest (both on and off camera) is one of the happiest, fun, and candid online influencers that I know.  Her sassy personality makes Sharzad the girlfriend you just can’t live without.  Luckily you needn’t worry about that as the vast extent of Sharzad’s online presence keeps her well within reach.  


Whether you need a vegan recipe that everyone will love, a makeup tip that will liven up your holiday look or a vacation suggestion that will put a smile on your entire family’s face, Sharzad is your “go to” mom.  Entertaining and informative, Sharzad is committed to bringing joy into her viewers lives while lightening their loads along the way.


“I want to make people feel really good about themselves.  I try to make my Youtube channel a happy space for them to laugh and learn.”


A graduate of UCLA, whose brief stint as a makeup artist led her to even bigger and more gratifying opportunities, Sharzad took giant leaps along the way.  A bit of a risk taker, Sharzad admits that her father strongly influenced her undeniable belief in herself, leading to the success she already knows and anticipates in the future.  


Having co-hosted one of the most successful talk shows on Youtube, The Mom’s View, following the launch of her swanky blog, LuxLyfe, Sharzad would go on to take the next step in her career -- launching her very own Youtube channel “Sharzad Kiadeh” with Awesomeness TV, which she does ever-so-competently while raising her one and a half year-old son  There is no doubt in my mind where Sharzad places her priorities and how skilled she is in balancing it “all.”


“I remind myself daily to always enjoy the journey and to love every step of the way.  I know that I won’t get any of my time as a mom raising my little “sweet potato” back.”


A big fan of Amy Schumer - whom she would, admittedly, love to grab cocktails with - Sharzad 

possesses a “healthy” ambition -- one I found to be truly refreshing in a part of the world where one too many Kim Kardashians reside.  “I’m not a fan of the Kardashians,” Sharzad stated resoundingly.  


A strong advocate for gun control, who has also spent countless hours using her makeup skills to aid patients undergoing cancer treatments through her relationship with the Beauty Bus, Sharzad is a humanitarian, an entrepreneur, and an entertainment personality who needn’t leave me - or anyone else for that matter - guessing why she is so widely loved and followed.  As I stated before, she is the best girlfriend you can’t live without.  She’s also the role model that none of us should do without.  


Check out Sharzad Kiadeh’s blog, LuxLyfe, and Youtube channel here.  You will be glad you did.

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