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Stephanie Jankowski Laughs At Life But Not Her Views On Feminism


When I stumbled upon Stephanie Jankowski’s blog “When Crazy Meets Exhaustion,” I couldn’t help but chuckle and relate.  “How many times has that particular set of circumstance overtaken me?” I said to myself as I envisioned several of these moments throughout my own life --especially as a young mother.  There is nothing like the demonic or punchy state moms experience when overwhelmed and overtired.  No doubt, many fathers would agree (usually as they are fleeing from the room in both haste and self-preservation).


Stephanie has obviously felt this way, although that’s hard to believe given her high energy and optimistic demeanor.  With no topic “too small” (or too large, for that matter), and a humor-filled swagger that addresses each and every one of them, Stephanie employs her natural charisma to invite readers into her world and blog, with most choosing to stay for the long haul.  

This isn’t to say that all of Stephanie’s blog posts win awards.  Certainly the one she wrote espousing the virtues of putting your husband’s needs (and sometimes her own, for that matter) before her children’s ruffled numerous feathers.  But overall, Stephanie inspires roaring chuckles over sunken brows, I assure you.


As it goes, I prefer a woman who possesses the moxie to voice her own opinion, then possesses the savvy to turn her foes into friends despite their differences.  Stephanie has this talent, something that makes this mom blogger rather unique and highly likeable.


Enjoy getting to know her.  And for those who don’t agree with her stance on marriage...simply remember, you don’t have too.  No one is turning the clock back here...except if we fail to recognize everyone’s opinion as being valid.  Then, that’s on you.  


What is your name?

Stephanie Jankowski


What is you personal mantra?

Life is short….laugh.


Share a bit about your current life?

I have three kids, a full-time job, a home and a dog -- all located in one space.


Describe yourself in one word?

Chaos -- Fuel Education, Virtual Guidance Counselor.


Share your purpose in life.  

Improve the life of anyone who crosses paths with me.  And if I can make them laugh while doing it, all the better.


What is the name of your blog and share this name’s significance.

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion - When I started my blog, I had two kids under two; I was nursing all the time plus had a full-time job.


Are you more of a local blogger or not?

Most of my readers are all over the place.  I know that I have a strong local following, but I work with businesses and brands from all over the world.


What is your blog’s focus?

Humor.  Regardless of what I write about, I try to infuse a bit of humor into it.  Spans from current world events to personal essays.  It reads a lot like a journal.


What makes your blog unique?

My voice is very distinct.  I’m not covering new topics, but I am covering them in my own way.


What do you hope others will gain from following it?

A sense of solidarity - so that they don’t feel as alone - and laughter.  


Name your social media marketing platforms and share which has been the most beneficial to expanding the exposure around your blog.

Facebook is number one. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Tumblr.


Has your blog been a lucrative endeavor or more of a creative outlet?  Explain.

It began as a creative outlet but I did find a way to get paid for my insights without “selling out.”


How many hours a week do you spend working on it?

Between five and ten.


Are you a brand ambassador?

I am currently an "Official Ambassador" for, a company that educates and empowers parents to "treat with care."  #KnowYourOTCs.


Do you support or are you involved in a specific social cause?

I am an enormous supporter of education and children but currently, I am involved in helping


What is the most important lesson you hope to teach your children through your blogging efforts?

Try to find the funny side of life.  


What is one thing you do for you that helps you to maintain the balance between your personal or professional lives?

I will ask my husband to take the kids and give me a break so that I can read.  The perks that come from my work, often, offer me fun and needed breaks.  


Why did you go the route of deciding to stay home and raise your kids?

Initially, I was very career-centered...that was until I held my first child.  I was incredibly driven to denounce the 50’s cliche.  I am a feminist, but feminism is all about doing what is right for you.  


There is a lot of confusion on what feminism is today. It seems that the modern feminist needs to go completely against the 1950’s way of life and thinking. That’s not what feminism is all about. I beleive that it is about doing what you need to do for you! 


I don’t want to parent my kids by myself so I want to be nice to my husband.  I like my husband. He’s my partner. I chose him and I keep choosing him every time. That doesn’t mean it is easy, but I’m not into husband-bashing the man I love nor the father of my children.  


Feminists today are confused and have “it” all wrong.  They want everyone to be like them or they hate you with a vengeance.  That is the opposite of the definition of feminism.  They are behaving as if they are the epitome of what they are fighting against and hate.


When ‘all’ is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be the lady who made people laugh but also made them think.


Stephanie Jankowski is definitely that and more.  She’s a mom, a blogger and an educator who is using all three to inspire giggles and thought in each of us. I can’t see how any of this is bad, especially as this world seems to be short on both lately.  


Spend some time reading When Crazy Meets Exhaustion.  I guarantee you that it will ‘perk you up’ if you do.  And if you are interested in reading the post that enlisted outrage from the most, see this link.


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