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Terra Jole:  Little Lady.  Big Inspiration!


She sings. She acts.  She twerks with the best of ‘em.  Terra Jole is a hotbed of personality and authenticity.  If anyone should ever consider remaking Frank Sinatra’s classic song “I Did It My Way” and claiming it for her own, it should be Terra Jole.  She’s definitely doing it her way and everyone seems to be rather pleased that she is.  Terra might be little, but few (if any) are mightier or more capable of enlisting a rather large and loyal following.  


The star of LITTLE WOMEN: TERRA’S LITTLE FAMILY and Little WOMEN: LA, I fail to see anything “small” about Terra.  But then, I guess LIFETIME realized this before anyone else, having provided the platform for Terra to emerge to be the star that she has now become. Recognizing unique talent seems to work for LIFETIME, especially in this case. Terra is beloved by many and even moreso now that she has become a mom to the most beautiful little girl named Penelope - “Penny” for short.


What I particularly love about Terra’s decision to become a mother is the same thing that makes me admire Terra overall.  Terra possesses a “no nonsense” and thoughtful way about her that can’t be overlooked.  She is a natural born groundbreaker and leader.  


With this in mind, I have no doubt that Terra will teach her daughter to be equally as authentic, determined, and resilient as they navigate the wonders and joys, trials and tribulations both mother and daughter will face together.  Afterall, in motherhood and in life, the only size that truly matters is the size of one’s own heart.  Thus, what Terra might lack in stature, she makes up for where it counts the most.  


Such is the case and as the holidays are upon us, I can’t think of a better gift to give my audience than the opportunity to learn more about Terra Jole through questions never posed to her before. Both candid and wise, every one of Terra’s responses brings new meaning to the phrase “Big things come in small packages.”  I assure you.


And on that note, welcome Terra Jole:


What is your personal mantra?

"Today is a new day."  No matter how bad or great yesterday was, today is a day to make it the way you want it to be.


What made you fall in love with Joe Gnoffo and keeps you in love?

Joe's humor made me fall in love with him.  I also love a challenge.  Lol!  Believe it or not, Joe played a mean game of “hard to get!”  To this day, I'm physically and emotionally in love with him. He still makes me laugh and makes me strive to do better.


You recently became a mother. Explain your decision to have Penelope, considering all of the risks and potential hardships involved?  

There are risks in everything you do -- driving a car, swimming without a lifeguard, falling in love, etc.  I knew there may be risks when contemplating the prospect of mothering a “little person” baby. I also knew that those risks weren’t big enough to forgo the experience of motherhood.  


What has Penelope brought to your life that you never expected?

Penelope shares so much love with me and really inspires me to do more -- be a better mom and a harder worker.  She is just so happy the majority of the time!  Having cameras and crew around her, ironically, has turned out to be a blessing as well.  She’s become used to loud environments and lots of people constantly around us.


Have you ever considered starting your own line of baby clothes and products dedicated to serving the needs of parents and children who are dwarfs?

I've had an opportunity to see what's really missing in the average size world.  Who knows? :)


Who is your hero? Why?

It's cliche but my mom is my hero.  She's the one that has raised me to be this strong and driven woman.  I try to find ways to be more like her everyday.


What one piece of advice would you share with All women that you learned throughout the course of your life?

If you're happy then who cares what others think.  It’s an important lesson to teach kids as early in their lives as possible as being “judged” happens at every age and stage.  In this world, you need to be strong enough to claim your life as your own and live it that way.


How will you spend your holidays this year?

Penny's first Christmas will be spent with family!  We will mix it up -- half Chicago and half San Antonio! Both grandparents are already excited!


What is the biggest "hope" in the coming year?

My biggest hope in this coming year is that Penelope remains healthy. We may have some surgeries ahead of us, and we just pray that everything goes smoothly.


If you weren't on camera, do you believe that you would still be happy with the life that you have created with Joe and Penelope?

Are you kidding me?  Without a doubt this is my dream family -- my life!  I wouldn't change a thing...except for (maybe) more kids in the future.


Share with us a social cause that you either support or are involved in.

I am a lifetime member of Little People of America.  It is a huge organization with an even bigger heart.  I’ve done countless fundraisers for them.  I have also fostered over thrity-five dogs from Forte Animal Rescue and have adopted two as well.   


As I said, Terra is long on personality, character and inspiration.  It is no wonder so many look up to her...including me!

Many Thanks To Terra Jole And Kinetic Content For Making This Interview Possible

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