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Joe Gnoffo, Stephanie Ballard, Cory McCrummen and Terra Jolé

Courtesy of Lifetime

Terra Jole: Letting No Grass Grow Under Her Feet


I am writing this while immersed in a very pensive mood, captivated by the beautiful horizon that lay before me.  The Dominican Republic is a lovely island and this particular resort a hidden gem.  How I discovered it when so many Americans have not, I do not know. But I did and as I sit amongst the many Germans, Italians, French and Russian patrons, I muse at my momentary Stephen Colbert sighting at JFK on the way here then turn to thoughts of the year ahead.


It will be a busy year, beginning with a new book “What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating” (released February 13 2018), the introduction of a foster child into my tightly knit family, and a few additional projects that will prove to change my life and the lives of many in beneficial ways. They may even impact the evolution of this blog. We shall see. I roll with life and where it chooses to take me, I go and give it my all -- not unlike little person, big personality and brand-building dynamo Terra Jole.


I respect and admire Terra and any woman who realizes all that she can be by peering into her own horizon with courage, conviction, and clarity. Then builds her life from it.  Not just anyone can do that folks. But as Terra Jole has proven, she is far from anyone.  She’s "someone" and she’s decided to give home renovation a try in her new show

Little Women: Terra’s Big House, broadcasting on Lifetime on Wednesday nights at 10pm Est with the help of design and contractor duo Stephanie Ballard and Cory McCrummen. I promise you that will be one direction you will never see me going in. Past spackling, I lay down my tool box.


My curiosity having gotten the best of me, however, I asked Terra Jole a few questions I thought everyone would like to know about the show. You can find her answers below.


What made you want to do a home renovation show?

What made me want to do a renovation show was the ability to show everyone just how different our lifestyle is just to be comfortable.  The dream of having a home and feel just like anyone else seemed like heaven!


What's one luxury that you insist on having in your home -- a reward for your hard work over the past few years?

We really didn’t do many wild luxuries in the renovation.  To me a counter you can reach isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity! I’d have to say one luxury is my toilet bidet - I remember wishing I had one while I was pregnant, and now (even though I’m not pregnant) one is in our bathroom to greet me.


What has surprised you about being involved in a home renovation?

What surprised me about the home renovation was how much average height people really don’t understand what it takes to design for a  little person.  It’s not about being handicap accessible, its about getting down on your knees and if you can reach it with your elbow, then we can reach it with our hands!  Handicap accessible has nothing to do when it comes to remodeling a home for little people.


What one thing that you learned about Joe and you as a couple as a result of this show?

Happy wife happy life? Lol, just kidding.  Joe is really careful with money and it helped during the renovation because we were very conservative with a lot of our choices which helped when we were hit with overages.


Who is paying for the cost of the renovation?

We are! That’s why it’s so important to make it right.


What next after your own home renovation is done (will you be taking on others, in other words)?  

Right now I’m working on a wine that you’ll see more of in the next season of Little Women LA.  Plus expanding my mama brand through YouTube - - it’s really helped me with hosting, helping other little people Mother’s, and honestly it’s just a fun escape for me.


If DIYing her heart out wasn’t enough, now Terra is learning to mash grapes into a concoction most moms adore.  There is just no stopping this woman’s genius.  I guess I better prepare for yet another feature on this great lady down the road. In the meantime, I will turn my attention back to the magnificent horizon that rests before me and pair it with a crisp glass of Champagne to welcome in the New Year.  


I raise my glass to all of you with a message of thanks for having welcomed me and THREAD MB into your lives, minds and hearts.

Many Thanks To Terra Jole And Kinectic Content For Making This Interview Possible

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